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Find the Best Homeschool Friendly Resources for Your Student

Are you looking for programs and resources to help you navigate the education journey? Whether you need help with a particular subject, resources to round out a high school curriculum, information about dual enrollment, or that perfect college fit, Well Planned Gal’s ever-growing resource listings help you find what you need. Explore information about programs local to you, find online resources, or peruse homeschool-friendly information from a variety of colleges to help you narrow your research. And don’t forget to keep an eye open for new Well Planned Gal e-books to find free, downloadable resources to aid you through the journey!

Featured Homeschool Friendly Programs

Columbia International University

Columbia, SC

A solid biblical education is important to so many homeschoolers. In fact, its importance is emphasized by the high priority homeschool families often place on a Bible-based training curriculum. If that is a priority through the homeschool years, why would parents and students alike not seek it out for college as well?

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Regent University

Virginia Beach, VA

Many schools claim to be homeschool friendly. But, Regent University has the distinction of being listed as a “Tier 1” homeschool-friendly school by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association because of their understanding of the unique needs of a homeschool family.

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Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola, FL

Nearly two generations of homeschool and private Christian school families have trusted Pensacola Christian College brands for the education of their children from preschool through college. So, it comes as no surprise…

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Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA

Homeschoolers love to break the mold, think outside the box, and pursue avenues that will result in new and successful ventures. These qualities and more make homeschool graduates very attractive to schools like Academy of Art University.

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Bob Jones University

Greenville, SC

Although BJU was not founded for the purpose of welcoming homeschoolers, its structure of academic excellence naturally incorporates the standards important to homeschool families. With a biblical worldview, creative environment, and solid community, BJU fits the model of what homeschool students enjoy throughout their high school years.

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Ohio Christian University

Circleville, OH

Whether you are looking for high school credits or a college destination, Ohio Christian University can help you process through the high school and college preparatory process. Thanks to Ohio Christian University’s Trailblazer Academy, high school students can earn both high school and college credit through on-campus or online classes.

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