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Teaching Biology: Beginning to Understand Stage

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Biology is an interesting branch of science that lends itself to field trips and hands-on projects; but for many homeschoolers, especially those who didn’t like biology themselves, teaching it can be a daunting task. Here are some tips and ideas to make teaching biology easier and more fun in the Beginning to Understand stage of learning.

Tips for the Beginning to Understand Stage

5th - 8th Grade

As students move through the middle school/junior high years, they develop skills they will need for formal science studies in high school. This is a great time to solidify the scientific method and begin more complicated experiments.

  • Require students at this age to begin designing and conducting their own experiments. Also include more detailed recording and writing assignments.
  • Teach Greek and Latin roots. This will not only help your students as they learn upper level science in high school, it will help with vocabulary study in other disciplines as well.
  • Explain variables and constants and have your student conduct experiments that can be affected by changing the variables. Emphasize proper recording procedures.
  • Middle school is the perfect time to begin studying genetics. Have your student do family interviews to create pedigree charts.
  • If you have room, try growing a garden and cross pollinate to create your own varieties of various plants. If you raise animals, try using genetics to predict the characteristics baby animals will have.
  • Get students in the habit of keeping a science experiment notebook.
  • Use mnemonics to help students remember information such as animal classifications or body systems.

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