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4th of July

Over the years our celebrations have varied, but our gratitude for the freedoms we celebrate have deepened each 4th of July. As we round the corner of another year, I’ve already started thinking about what we can do this year to celebrate....

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Stages of Education

Learning naturally processes through a series of stages as children’s brains mature. Although the boundaries of these stages are by no means rigid, distinctions do exist based on how children develop. So, what should you expect in each of these stages? How should the developmental process affect how we teach?...

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Can I Teach Multiple Ages?

Do you remember reading about the old-fashioned one-room school house? Children of all ages filed into a single room each day, arranged in desks according to their levels. Now such schools seem foreign in an age where children are divided by age and grade on a regular basis. But, not...

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Get Excited About Cultures & Ideas

It's time to gather around the table and do school. But, do not expect to stay chained there with endless worksheets. Well Planned Gal's Culture & Ideas history cycle will put the joy of learning back in your lives. By utilizing read-alouds, projects, audio presentations, and visual reference books, the...

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