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Online Homeschool Programs

There’s no doubt online homeschooling is growing. And whether we agree or disagree with allowing our kids to learn on a screen, there’s no denying that computers, tablets, and smart devices are here to stay. And our kids, who will end up working in fields we haven’t even imagined, will...

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Dream Big

In this article, I'd like to highlight students who have chosen to homeschool because they want to pursue a passion. They see no reason to try to fit this interest around the constraints of a school day or wait until after graduation to pursue it. These students are living proof...

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Beyond Compensating

“He can’t sit still to hear the story,” his teacher said. “I don’t think he understands, and he is too much of a distraction to the others. So we let him do his own thing.” This moment, when Josh was younger, is carved into my memory; the moment I realized that...

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