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Using Your College Planner

Good time management is vital during the college years. Designed to meet the specific needs of college students, the College Planner is small enough to slide into your bag, yet comprehensive enough to help you balance all of the various aspects of college life....

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Cultivating Your Passion

Young womanhood is filled with adventure, learning, and curiosity. I remember spending countless hours daydreaming about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had a cousin, living on the opposite side of the country that became an Air Force Pilot. Not just any pilot because he flew...

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Choosing the Right College

Finally, you made it! After years of prayer, preparation, and possibly even some creative persuasion, your son or daughter has decided to go off to college. But wait! Before you exhale, kick up your feet, and begin making plans for your new craft room, one big question remains. How do...

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