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Stuck in a Rut?

If you’re lacking that energy for the homeschooling adventure that you love so much, know that you’re not alone. The homeschooling blues are real, and they happen more than you would imagine, to both new and seasoned homeschoolers at varying times during the year....

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A Healthy Family

That well-rounded target we are aiming for could possible be the cause of a great deal of stress, both for us and for our children. As you lay out your schedule, plan a new school year, and fill in all of the extras, keep the health of your family in...

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Organize Your Holidays

The season has quickly arrived and Christmas is in full swing. Between the shopping, math lessons, gift wrapping, science experiments, baking, and Bible studies, how does a homeschool mom juggle it all? Here are five tips that will help you organize your holidays and ensure that you can survive // even...

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Every Kid Should Have a Pony

When I was young – back in the olden days, by crikey – I longed for a pony. My longing would not be fulfilled by roly-poly bugs named Juan, stray cats that refused to cuddle, or the occasional frog that was captured, named, and snuggled, and who played dead at...

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Under the Juniper Tree

Not that we should equate homeschooling with a regular “job” – it isn’t – but we should recognize and respect that, in today’s society, it is an additional responsibility that goes beyond what we’ve come to consider standard parenting....

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