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Prioritizing Self Care

Life as a mom requires constant investment. Life as a homeschool mom, even more so. It’s easy for any mom to lose track of her own health, but for the mom who has a task-oriented personality, it’s especially easy to let days, weeks, and even months go by without any...

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Tackling Procrastination

Do you ever procrastinate? What goes through your mind as you continue to put off a task? More than likely, it’s either a distasteful task that you just don’t want to do or it’s a task that feels completely overwhelming and nearly impossible to tackle. Occasional procrastination happens for a...

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Are You Taking on Too Much?

Some people can always get the job done. It seems they’re everywhere doing everything, and if they’re around, the end goal can be pretty much guaranteed. You probably know someone like this. You might just be someone like this. We need dreamers and completers, brainstormers and implementers. If you fall...

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