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Must Read: Guidelines

In order to send you a shipping label for your used books, you must upload photos of the items in your shipment. We don't require individual photos of each item though. Just group them together on a flat surface and snap a photo. Large shipments may need to be broken down into smaller groups for the book titles to be clearly shown in the photos.

Here are a few other guidelines to keep in mind:

  • We can only accept the current or previous version of curriculum. For example, if the current edition of a textbook is the 4th edition, we can accept a 3rd edition copy, but not a 2nd edition.
  • Student books and test packs must be complete, with no missing and/or written-in pages.
  • Teacher's guides and answer keys may have some underlining and margin notes, as long as the text is still readable and the notes are not too extensive.

Credit is calculated based on the current sales price of the item, and the condition it is in. Your credit is available in the form of store credit only. We do not offer cash for used books at this time.

We do not currently accept:

  • VHS Tapes
  • Casette Tapes
  • ACE/School of Tomorrow PACEs or Score Keys

Please note that any flash cards or manipulatives in your shipment must be a complete set with nothing missing, and it must also be packaged in the original box or in a sealed zip-lock plastic bag.

We can't accept books that have been stored in an area that's not climate controlled for longer than one month. This includes places like a storage unit, garage, basement, or attic. Book that are stored in locations like this for anything but a very short period of time tend to be adversely affected by temperature changes, moisture, and dust. The mildew and mold that develops makes the books unsellable, and depending on how bad the mold level is, can cause allergic reactions in the employees processing the shipments. Please be sure your shipment does not include any books affected by mold or with a musty smell, as this can damage the good books in your shipment.

Packing and Shipping

It's important to pack your items securely. If there's any extra space in your box, fill it with crumpled newspaper, empty shopping bags, bubble wrap, or something similar. This will keep your items from shifting during shipping and becoming damaged.

Also make sure the you tape all of the box flaps securely. Boxes that are badly damaged during shipping due to excessive empty space or not being adequately taped may be missing items, and depending on the damage, we may not be able to accept the box.

We reserve the right to discard shipments that do not follow these guidelines. Due to the cost of shipping books, we will not be able to return any portion of your shipment that doesn't meet our criteria.

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