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// Well Planned Gal Speaking //

Organization // Homeschooling // Life

Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal, is passionate about planning, education, and enjoying every season of life. With five kids and over twenty five years in the homeschooling industry, Rebecca shares her experience of grace in the many ups and downs of the journey.

Rebecca walks alongside parents and encourages them to use the homeschooling years for more than academics, building lifelong and meaningful relationships. Whether new or a bit seasoned at homeschooling, Rebecca has put together a variety of talks below for just about any season of life.

// 2017 Topics //

Well Planned Day, Yes It’s Possible

Having a productive day is so much more than buying a planner or a tool for organization. In this workshop, Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal, takes listeners a few steps back, helping them begin with a philosophy and understanding of the uniqueness God has created in each family. From there, Rebecca explores ten essentials for having a Well Planned Day.

Well Planned Early Years

Mothering little ones is a glorious season of life, but it can also be the most challenging. In this workshop, Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal comes prepared with spit-up clothes and wipes as she shares with young moms how to make the most of these early years with simple and practical tips for daily life.


Well Planned Middle Schoolers

The tween years are the beginning of autonomy, responsibility, and a smart mouth. In this workshop, Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal, shares her experience and a bit of wisdom for raising and training girls and boys during this unique season. Parents will learn the most important thing they can do in preparation for the teen years.

Well Planned High Schoolers

None of us wants our kids gaming on the basement couch at the age of thirty. In this workshop, Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal, gives parents a plan for navigating the high school years with wisdom and purpose. Parents can learn how to discover their child’s passion for the future, train them in time management, and help them understand how to handle money.