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Teaching Bible: Starting Out Stage

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When you customize your Bible teaching to match your child’s current stage of learning, understanding and retention are maximized. Here are some priorities to focus on during the Starting Out stage of learning (pre-k through 1st grade).

Bible Tips for the Starting Out Stage

Preschool - 1st Grade

This is an exciting stage in Bible teaching, because your child is truly engaging in stories and picture books. Here are a few ways to take advantage of that engagement.

Scripture Memory

It isn’t too early to start introducing your child to the joys of Scripture memorization. Choose short, simple verses so you can go ahead and teaching them real verses, not abbreviated or simplified versions. Be relaxed, have fun, and repeat previously memorizing verses often. Use songs and games to help cement the learning process.

Bible Stories

Even if your child is familiar with many Bible stories, keep those stories in front of her daily. Read aloud from a storybook Bible, act out stories with her, and find coloring pages that she can work on while you tell or read the story. There are also fun songs that help reinforce Bible stories.


In addition to Bible storybooks, there are a wide variety of other picture books specially geared toward introducing young children to Christ-like behavior and even very simple theological concepts. Incorporate these into your reading time.

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