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Teaching Biology: Getting Excited Stage

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Biology is an interesting branch of science that lends itself to field trips and hands-on projects; but for many homeschoolers, especially those who didn’t like biology themselves, teaching it can be a daunting task. Here are some tips and ideas to make teaching biology easier and more fun in the Getting Excited stage of learning.

Tips for the Getting Excited Stage

2nd - 4th Grade

In grades 2-4, students learn best through hands-on experiences, projects, and demonstrations. A basic scientific method and science safety are important lessons to teach in the elementary years so that both will become habit before students enter the middle school years.


If your student reads secular science books or watches secular science programs, he or she will probably have questions about evolution. Be prepared to answer these questions.
Dissect seeds.
Learn the parts of a plant.
Print off and laminate photos of a variety of animals. For the elementary years these can be used to sort into categories such as warm and cold blooded; herbivore, omnivore, carnivore; or mammal, reptile, etc.
Introduce a microscope and allow your students to prepare their own slides for observation. They will be amazed at what can be found in a drop of pond water or a smear of mud.
Take advantage of kits that can grow butterflies, sea monkeys, or frogs; or incubate and raise chickens, geese, or ducks.
Purchase an age-appropriate book on human reproduction to read with your child.
Use games and apps to reinforce biology concepts that were learned in class.

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