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Teaching History: Learning to Reason Stage

With all of the options available to homeschool parents these days, it can be difficult to know what the best curriculum avenue is for teaching history in the Learning to Reason stage. Here are some tips to help you determine the best choices for your child.

Tips for the Learning to Reason Stage

9th - 12th Grade

In this stage, your student will transition from accumulating knowledge and understanding its significance to processing a personal response to information. This is the time when your student will explore how history has formed the world in which he now lives and formulate how his beliefs and responses to history, culture, and current events help him fit into and interact with society.

  • Continue to actively utilize your timeline.
  • Continue to pursue age-appropriate map skills, including world nations and capitals, major landforms, and other major physical features.
  • Explore how geography has affected and continues to affect the establishment and advancement of cultures.
  • Dig into the factors leading up to various major wars throughout history.
  • Study church history from the time of Christ through modern day.
  • Study the founding of the US government and explore how the implementation of that government has changed over the course of US history.
  • Study the evolution of economics and its impact on culture and society.
  • Discuss major events and important people of the Renaissance.
  • Explore how philosophical thought has impacted cultural shifts throughout the various cycles of history.

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