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Teaching History: Starting Out Stage

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With all of the options available to homeschool parents these days, it can be difficult to know what the best curriculum avenue is for teaching history in the Starting Out stage of learning (pre-K – 1st grade). Here are some tips to help you determine the best choices for your child.

Tips for the Starting Out Stage

Preschool - 1st Grade

These years are perfectly suited to a social studies approach, learning about people groups, cultures, and the idea that the way people live changes over the course of time.

  • Introduce the concept of a timeline, and begin writing events from read-alouds on your timeline.
  • Read books that explore how people lived across various stages of history and in various cultures both past and present. Discuss how that compares to how we live today.
  • Learn basic map skills, including the continents and oceans.
  • Teach your child to identify your own city or town, state/province/region, and country.
  • Play games from different countries.
  • Try foods from different countries.
  • Read favorite folktales from various cultures.
  • Learn how other cultures celebrate familiar holidays. Also, learn about some of the holidays other nations celebrate that we do not.
  • Read, read, and read some more! Explore a wide variety of picture books introducing children to various stages of history, from ancient Egypt and biblical times to modern day.

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