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Well Planned Gal

// Official Bio //

Rebecca Farris, the Well Planned Gal, founded Home Educating
Family Association, LLC. (HEDUA) in 2007.

As C.E.O. of Home Educating Family Association, Rebecca has inspired and supported thousands of homeschool moms through the years through her speaking, talk show, daily planners, magazines, and online resources.

Each year Rebecca uses her platform as the Well Planned Gal to share her inspirational story of grace. Challenging women to discover the unique journey God has for them, Rebecca mentors women in their work, marriage, parenting adventures, homeschooling, and life.

Rebecca’s personal journey and day-to-day life can be found in the pages of Family Magazine, on wellplannedgal.com, and through social media.

// Family Magazine //

With a strong desire to see women equipped to raise children and engage the culture, Rebecca created and published Family Magazine in 2007. Over the years, Rebecca has worked to keep Family Magazine up to date with the current needs of the homeschool mom. In the coming year, this encouraging resource will become even more practical in its goal to help moms teach and engage their students well.

// Well Planned Day //

In 2009, Rebecca designed and authored the number one selling product in homeschooling: The Well Planned Day, Family Homeschool Planner. Since then, Rebecca has expanded her line of planning tools to include planners for students, high schoolers, college students, and the busy mom.

// Planner Accessories //

Rebecca started 2020 with a fun new addition to the Well Planned Day line: planner accessories! The Homeschool Sticker Book includes nearly 700 stickers specially design for the homeschool family while snap-on covers, Washi tape, bookmarks, and more allow moms and students alike to add a personal flair to their planners. And a brand new high school binder extends the accessories to incorporate keeping all of your student’s high school information in one place.

// Online Planner //

Print planners are not the only resource available to help the homeschool family stay well planned and well organized. With her extensive background in software design and programming, Rebecca created the first management program with homeschool moms in mind. Tracking everything from chores and menu planning to lesson plans, Well Planned Gal’s Online Planner is quickly becoming homeschooling’s most innovative product. And with lesson plan add-ons, you can enjoy pre-designed lesson plans, ready to utilize alongside your favorite curriculum!

// Student Assessment  //

Launched in 2017, Well Planned Start joined the product line to help parents provide an interactive grade-level assessment for their students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Each assessment helps parents see how their curriculum choices match up with what a student in that grade should know, reveals any gaps in a child’s learning, and offers suggestions for developmental milestones as well.

// Newest Additions //

2020 has begun with the Planner Personality Quiz, a quick and easy tool to help homeschool moms better understand how their personalities mesh with creating schedules, planning each week or day, organizing to pave the way for a job well done, and tackling each task well. Alongside the Planner Personality Quiz, Rebecca developed the S.P.O.T. Method, a walk through each aspect of the quiz with tips and suggestions for scheduling, planning, organizing, and tackling well, no matter what your planner personality may be.

// Continuing to Grow  //

Always the innovator, Rebecca continues to assess the ever-evolving needs of the homeschooling community. Even as these resources join the ever-growing line of Well Planned Gal resources, Rebecca and her staff are looking to the future, anticipating growth in the homeschooling community and creating innovative, original products to meet the needs of both new and veteran homeschool families.