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Online Planning

Instructional Guide

Welcome to Well Planned Gal’s Online Planning! By purchasing an Online Planning subscription, you are investing not only in your immediate school year, but in years to come. The setup you walk through this year will be available again and again, making each new year run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

But to get there, you need to get set up. You’re in the right place! Each of the videos below will walk you through the steps needed to get your school year up and running. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

step 1

Getting Started

In this first video, I’ll walk you through everything you need to take care of initial setup for your brand new school year. The steps to set a starting date, name your school year, add the students, and add your courses are clear-cut and simple, as you’ll see in this walk-through. We’ll also take a quick look at some of the other features of your online planner, showing you the beautiful versatility of Online Planning.

Learn How to Get Started

step 2

Create a Custom Course

Would you like a little more clarity on setting up custom course schedules? The Getting Started video gave you an initial sample of what course setup would look like. In this video, you’ll find more specific details about each step. For instance, what’s the best way to name a course? What do you do when you get to the “Curriculum” tab in the setup process? I’ll also show you additional customization options that are available after you’ve created your course.

Learn How to Create a Custom Course

step 3

Install a Purchased Course

Creating every course schedule for each of your students can be time consuming. That’s why I’m so excited about the option to add a purchased Curriculum Schedule to your Online Planning subscription. In this video, I walk you through selecting and importing a Curriculum Schedule as well as how to set that schedule up within your planner. Within minutes, you can have an entire school year planned and ready to go!

Learn to Install a Purchased Course

step 4

Customized Courses

Once you have your courses set up, there so many amazing ways you can customize each course to meet your family’s unique needs. Perhaps you’ve created a Custom Course, and you’re ready to start adding assignments. Or, maybe you have purchased a Curriculum Schedule, but you see that you need to split one day’s assignments into two, add an extra assignment for an older student, or make some other adjustment. Whatever the need may be, the customization options are designed to help you meet that need!

Learn How to Customize Your Courses

step 5

Checklists and Chores

Well Planned Gal’s planners have always been designed with the understanding that a homeschool teacher has more to maintain than just lessons. Online Planning is no exception! With the Checklists feature, you can customize chores, tasks, and to-dos for the whole family. Let’s walk through the ways you can customize Checklists to help you manage tasks well, week in and week out.

Learn How to Use Checklists

step 6

Smart Scheduling

One of the best things about Online Planning is the ability to integrate lesson plan scheduling with the calendar feature! With this feature, you can coordinate events with your school year, create custom calendar views for each student, and manage home and life with ease. With a variety of options that allow you to view events and assignments in the way that best meets your needs, the calendar feature taking home and life planning to a whole new level.

Learn How to Schedule Your Calendar

step 7

Printables and Reports

No matter how useful digital planning may be, there are still times when pen and paper are indispensable. This is where the Reports feature of Online Planning comes in handy. Whether you need to print weekly assignments and chores for students, weekly teacher plans, progress reports, attendance records, or a transcript, the Reports feature turns online ease into printable accessibility with the click of a button.

Learn about Printables and Reports

step 8

Student Login

As your students grow and mature, it becomes increasingly important for them to learn how to manage their own time, chores, and school assignments. This is why your Online Planning account includes the option to create student logins. With their own logins, your students can view their daily assignments and chores, check off what they have completed, and stay on top of their own progress.

Learn How to Create Student Logins