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Get Excited About Culture & Ideas

Get Excited About Cultures & Ideas

It's time to gather around the table and do school. But, do not expect to stay chained there with endless worksheets. Well Planned Gal's Culture & Ideas history cycle will put the joy of learning back in your lives. By utilizing read-alouds, projects, audio presentations, and visual reference books, the...

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Homeschool Revival

Growing up during the early years of homeschooling and watching it grow to the mainstream choice it is today has afforded me a view // from the stands. // The look of a typical homeschooling family, along with the reasons for their choices, was very different 20-30 years ago. The...

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Menu Planning

Early on in my parenting decisions, family dinners were a must. A time to relax, enjoy good food, review the day, and converse with loved ones, the supper table was where relationships were formed and family was established. As with anything of importance, family dinners take planning and consistency....

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Energized Mom

Being a mommy can be exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. From my experience, if I don’t take the time to make sure I have energized my batteries, my family often gets the short end of the stick. Planning my days includes a schedule for school, errands and dinner, but until the last...

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Time for Mom

Motherhood is exhausting. Whether it’s toddlers or teens, it simply doesn’t slow down. In order to have the patience I need for my family, I must make time for myself. It’s not selfish, it’s called refreshment, and it’s what Jesus modeled when he took some time away....

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