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Let Them

Would they survive? Would I survive? Would they love or hate me? Would they walk away from what we had taught them or would they follow in the steps of the Christian faith? Would they be foolish or wise? Would they be selfish or caring?...

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Will My Child Get Into College?

As your child begins to enter the middle school and high school years, college admission questions begin to enter your radar. Many families successfully homeschool through high school, and many homeschool graduates go on to enter college. There are a few simple things you can do to plan ahead to...

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Practicing Hope

Practice involved a frequency of conceptualizing, trying, failing, and sometimes succeeding. This is not a parallel or linear path traveled once, but more like an octagon I tried to draw as a teen, full of random lines trying to connect, going round and round....

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When It All Falls Apart

The curriculum order was in. The plan was set. Everything was in place for the new year. I was so excited, as I always am, to start afresh with new books and the new year's focus. I knew we'd have our ups and our downs, but I was confident ...

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Children Feed off Ideas

The mind feeds on IDEAS. We all know that books contain an incredible storehouse of IDEAS from a great variety of individuals throughout history. Gilbert Highet stated it well when he said, “These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.”...

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