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A Prayerful Change

I was able to stand confident in my decisions as long as I remained consistent in prayer. And in the process, my children also learned a little about the importance of praying through each decision and letting the Lord lead, even when it means great change....

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Enjoyable Cleaning

Now that my five kids are well past the "little" phase, it is much easier now than ever to whip the house into shape, but it hasn’t always been that way. Here are some tips I've learned from years with and without helpful kids!...

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The Education of Our Daughters

If education is only about career training, then what’s the point of Shakespeare? Or English lit? Or history? And if you’re only going to be flipping burgers or spending your days changing the oil in cars at the Jiffy Lube, why do we have you in school for twelve years...

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Faith Believes

There were days when I passed the test of faith; on other days, I have failed miserably. I am most thankful that my relationship with Christ is not dependent on my responses, but on the sacrifice and love of my Savior....

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Life Skills Practice for Elementary

Children don't automatically become efficient in organization or in keeping up with chores, no matter how many checklists, fun charts, or lectures we hand down to them. But, as your child progresses from elementary age to middle school, she will begin to understand the reasons underlying the foundation you've laid...

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