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Save Yourself FIRST

In our quest to be all that we can be as brave and strong homeschooling women, we must recognize the vulnerability within and around us. We must take actions to ensure that we save ourselves first in order to serve those around us....

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Activities for Teaching Bible

One great way to both take the challenge out of teaching and make learning Scripture personal and effective is to simply expand on what we are learning ourselves. Bible lessons do not have to take hours and be incredibly in depth to make a difference. Sometimes a five minute story...

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Forging Forward

If my desire is to glorify God by enjoying him forever, my friend, the enjoyment is often most felt when I am at my most need. It is while on my knees, at the kitchen sink, and driving in the car that I am in constant communion asking for help,...

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Can I Teach Multiple Ages?

Do you remember reading about the old-fashioned one-room school house? Children of all ages filed into a single room each day, arranged in desks according to their levels. Now such schools seem foreign in an age where children are divided by age and grade on a regular basis. But, not...

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Is Bible a Subject to Teach?

The academic study of Scripture, then, is not merely chasing a curiosity but broadening our understanding of what God said. Look back at the beginning: the Bible is the Word of God. We ought to do our best to understand it. That means we will explore how it was written,...

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