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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Shipments

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders of in stock items are shipped within 5 business days, and customers can expect to receive Priority mail packages within 3 business days of shipping, and media mail packages within 15 business days of shipping. Custom products require additional processing time prior to shipment.

Why is my order taking longer than 5 business days to ship out?

Custom printed items such as our Peel & Plan charts or a custom planner may take longer than 5 business days to ship as these items are printed on demand. Fully Custom and Quick Custom planners typically take 3-6 weeks for production prior to shipping.

I’ve placed a Quick Custom or Fully Custom planner order. How can I make changes to my selections or cancel the order?

Unfortunately, changes can’t be made to a Quick Custom or Fully Custom planner once the order has been placed. Quick Custom and Fully Custom planner orders cannot be cancelled.

I received a shipping confirmation, so why does the tracking link say that there is no tracking information for my package?

If you received a shipping confirmation e-mail, then your package was definitely shipped out today. Sometimes it takes a day or two for tracking websites to be updated with current tracking information.

The shipping address on my order was incorrect, and now tracking says that my package is being returned to the sender. What happens next?

When a package is returned to us because the shipping address used to place the order is incorrect, we’ll contact the customer for corrected address information to re-ship their order. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping plus any return fees assessed by USPS.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, and items ordered may not be returned.

Can I send something back, even though it’s not returnable?

Items sent back to us are not eligible for return will be discarded. We cannot issue a refund in these cases, nor can we ship the product back to you.

One of the items in my order has a defect. Can I return it for a replacement?

Please contact customer service with the details and they will be happy to help resolve this issue!

How do I access my planner extras?

Log into the account that you ordered your planner under and then click here to go to the Planner Extras page. If you placed your order using the guest checkout option, please set up an account on our website and then e-mail us with your order number and the e-mail address that your account is under and we’ll add access to your account.

Online Planning Software

What is your return policy on the Well Planned Day Software Planner?

We are happy to offer a free 30 day trial of My Well Planned Day so that our customers can be sure it’s a good fit for their family before purchasing a subscription. As we do offer the trial, we do not offer refunds on software subscription purchases.

Is there an app for MWPD?

There is no separate app for our online planner, but it is designed to work on mobile devices! Just log into your My Well Planned Day account using your phone or tablet’s internet browser. Most browsers give you the option to add a shortcut button to the home screen on your device. Check the menu in your browser to see if it offers that option.

How do I access the schedules and add-ons?

Schedules add-ons are available to all online planner accounts with a paid subscription. Just log in on our website, add the desired schedules to your cart, and complete the checkout process. As the order total will be $0, no payment information is required. Once you’ve “purchased” a schedule add-on, it will be available to use in your online planner by choosing Use Purchased Course when setting up a new course in your account.

Peel & Plan

What surfaces do the Peel & Plan charts stick to?

They’ll stick to walls, glass, metal, or finished wood! We do recommend giving freshly painted surfaces sufficient time to cure fully before applying a Peel & Plan chart to ensure that the paint isn’t damaged.

What do I use to stick the Peel & Plan marker cup to my surface?

For smooth surfaces like glass, we recommend using the clear sticky tape included, and for other types of surfaces, we recommend using the Velcro strips.

Can I use dry erase markers on Peel & Plan charts?

Only our Peel & Plan markers are designed to work with our charts. Other brands or kinds of markers may not erase and can damage your chart.

I used a damp cloth, but it didn’t completely remove the marks. What should I do?

Use a hair dryer to gently heat the chart and the remaining marks will disappear!

My Peel & Plan chart isn’t sticking well because the adhesive is dirty. Can I fix that?

Rinse the adhesive side of the chart under running water and then lay it sticky side up to dry. The clean adhesive will stick to surfaces again! This same tip can be used to revive the clear sticky tape used for the marker cup.