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Busy Days, Easy Dinners

Making the list, finding the deals, shopping, dragging groceries home, unloading, prepping, and then cooking can be exhausting. With the busyness of school starting, I try to keep my weekly dinner menu plans as quick and simple as possible....

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Menu Planning

Early on in my parenting decisions, family dinners were a must. A time to relax, enjoy good food, review the day, and converse with loved ones, the supper table was where relationships were formed and family was established. As with anything of importance, family dinners take planning and consistency....

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Kitchen Clean-Up

For years, I would arrive at the dinner table completely drained. Cooking a meal after a long day of caring for young children and then immediately sitting down without the energy to converse with my family completely dampened the evening. ...

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Sunday Traditions

When planning time together in order to establish a family tradition, the most important thing to remember is the uniqueness of your family. Don’t try copying someone else or a Pinterest board! Instead, discover what family members enjoy and set about to make the most of time together....

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Managing the Grocery Budget

As our children have gotten older, life has certainly become busier. Couple that with the rise in both their appetite and the cost of eating out, and it has become critical that meals be eaten at home! But how do you manage keeping to a food budget in the midst...

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