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Busy Days, Easy Dinners

Making the list, finding the deals, shopping, dragging groceries home, unloading, prepping, and then cooking can be exhausting. With the busyness of school starting, I try to keep my weekly dinner menu plans as quick and simple as possible....

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Organize Your Holidays

The season has quickly arrived and Christmas is in full swing. Between the shopping, math lessons, gift wrapping, science experiments, baking, and Bible studies, how does a homeschool mom juggle it all? Here are five tips that will help you organize your holidays and ensure that you can survive // even...

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What About Standardized Tests?

As homeschooling parents, the knowledge we gain from one-on-one time spent with our students is much more valuable than what we will learn from standardized testing. However, there are a variety reasons that homeschoolers might choose to have their children participate in standardized testing....

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Children Feed off Ideas

The mind feeds on IDEAS. We all know that books contain an incredible storehouse of IDEAS from a great variety of individuals throughout history. Gilbert Highet stated it well when he said, “These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.”...

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Time for a Break?

We all need an occasional break, whether it comes in the form of an extended weekend or a full-fledged vacation. School is no exception. An extra day or week off every now and then will not keep our children from learning perseverance, nor will it demolish the school schedule....

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