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Keeping Homeschool Resources Organized

If you’re anything like me, accumulating homeschool supplies and books is so much fun. But organizing it all can be a headache! Whether you are keeping up with the day-to-day supplies and resources or considering year-to-year storage, organizing can be a challenge for any homeschool family. Learning organization tricks can not...

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A Spontaneous Homeschool Checklist

Homeschooling requires planning. No matter what your personality type, there’s just no way to get around that truth. When we neglect to plan, goals will be missed, important aspects of learning will fall through the cracks, and the growth and development of our children will suffer. Yes, I know that...

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Planning for a Homeschool Day

Do you ever get excited about the prospect of planning something, only to discover you’re completely lost and have no idea where to begin? Just because you have a personality that gets all excited about planning and scheduling doesn’t automatically mean every planning venture is going to come naturally and...

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