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Checklist for Adulting

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My daughter’s best friend had her homeschool graduation last May. I had to laugh a bit as I read her Twitter feed in the weeks leading up to the happy event. Her account was peppered with tweets marked #adulting. I chuckled as I read her remarks upon opening her first bank account, applying for her first job, and a variety of other experiences, all marked #adulting.

What About MY Daughter?

But it also started me thinking. My own daughter recently graduated. I have spent a lot of time and effort educating her, but does she have all of the life skills she needs to launch successfully into the adult world? I jotted down a list of skills she would be expected to know and began marking off the ones that we had already covered. We now have a list of items that we need to work on over the next few months to make sure she’s ready to spread her wings and fly. Some she will be able to do before she leaves home. Others she will need to learn about or participate in a simulation. Either way, she will be much better prepared for the day she leaves our nest and is on her own. You can check out my first list below.

Employment Skills

  • finding a job in the paper or online
  • filling out a job application
  • creating a resume
  • participating in a job interview
  • attending a job fair

Time Management Skills

Goal-Setting Skills

  • setting short-range and long-range goals
  • understanding a realistic goal
  • developing a step-by-step plan to reach a goal
  • identifying resources to help achieve goals
  • knowing when to change, modify, or discontinue a goal

Nutrition and Cooking Skills

  • understanding good nutrition
  • reading food labels
  • understanding food storage
  • planning a menu
  • going grocery shopping
  • following a recipe
  • using appliances
  • cooking a meal
  • ordering at a restaurant

Housing Skills

  • renting an apartment or house
  • paying property taxes
  • getting and paying utilities
  • maintaining a home
  • repairing a home
  • buying a house

Health Care Skills

  • understanding personal health
  • using over-the-counter medications
  • reading medication labels
  • using the pharmacy
  • following preventative healthcare
  • understanding health insurance
  • handling medical emergencies

Transportation Skills

  • driving a car
  • getting a driver’s license
  • purchasing gasoline
  • checking the oil
  • putting air in the tires
  • maintaining a vehicle
  • purchasing airline, bus, or train tickets
  • taking the bus, plane, or train
  • taking a taxi
  • reading a map
  • using a GPS device

Household Skills

  • setting and following a cleaning schedule
  • washing dishes
  • using the dishwasher
  • doing laundry
  • understanding clothing labels
  • vacuuming and dusting
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • cleaning cupboards
  • purging and donating clutter
  • deep cleaning

Finance Skills

  • making and following a budget
  • tithing and giving to charity
  • getting a checking account
  • reconciling an account
  • getting a credit card
  • using the ATM
  • writing a check
  • saving money
  • doing taxes
  • tipping

We started working through our list a few months ago. As we check off skills, I see my daughter becoming more independent and able to function as a successful adult. As your teen grows in adult skills, it won’t be long before he or she is soaring into successful adulthood as well.

At age eight, Stephenie McBride developed a life-long interest in teaching others. She taught English as a Second Language and Kindergarten in a public school for six years. Stephenie and her husband, Ben, adopted their two children from Kolkata, India, in 2000 and 2004. She has been an at-home parent and home educator since 2001. They use an eclectic mix of materials and approaches, with a strong emphasis on Charlotte Mason. Stephenie is the Assistant Editor of Publications for Home Educating Family Magazine. She also created and writes for Crestview Heights Academy Homeschool Curriculum. You can read more about Stephenie and her eclectic homeschooling adventures at crestviewheights.wordpress.com.

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