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Want a FREE Surefire Way to Get More Done with Ease and Grace?

Use the Well Planned Gal’s 3 Simple Steps to take your homeschool organization to the next level.

Prepare Plan –  Check In!  You can finally accomplish everything you have on your homeschooling plate (without feeling stretched thin or pulling your hair out).

Use a Simple 3-Step Strategy

Step 1: Preparing Your School Year
(The Big Picture)

Step 2: Lesson Planning Your Days
(The Daily Grind)

Step 3: Checking In On Your Progress
(Assess & Adjust)

Does this sound like something you could use? (It’s FREE)

One thing about homeschooling moms is they’re never short on ideas. You want the best for your children, and sometimes this means getting overwhelmed with trying to fit it all in.

You’ve done your research. You know the overall concepts you want to instill in your students and the kind of experience you want them to have. You’ve explored your strengths and weaknesses as a homeschool teacher and discovered your Planner Personality.

You’re ready and eager to take your homeschool teaching to the next level….

But the big, persistent question is: NOW WHAT? And the 3 Simple Steps Method was designed to answer it.

Using this practical and flexible strategy, you can plan your journey and accomplish your daily checklist, following a step-by-step system that takes the guesswork out of getting it all done.

Would this FREE e-book make your homeschool life easier?

The Big Picture

Step 1: Preparing Your School Year

You’ve chosen to homeschool because you have a dream of giving your child the best education. In this e-book, I join you in your vision and take you step-by-step through determining a goal for your classroom, an individual student, or a school subject. After answering just a few simple questions, your goals come to life!

With goals set, how do you know if you’re staying on track throughout the year? This is where I show you how to create your benchmarks. You’ll learn how to break each curriculum subject into six-week increments. With these target dates set and progress markers established, you not only have a system to follow but a way to evaluate progress!

The Daily Grind

Step 2: Lesson Planning Your Days

True success is taking your benchmarks and learning to break them down into the day to day lesson planning. What does that look like? How much should you plan? What’s the difference between a schedule and a plan? Where does organization come into play? What if you miss a day? What if there are interruptions?

These are all great questions, and I answer each one as I take you through step two! You’ll discover an incredibly simple system that will help you learn how to create a schedule and bring to life a daily routine in your home that creates a calm environment! We’ll also get down to the nuts and bolts of lesson planning, and I think you’ll find that it’s really not as complex as most moms first think. But we don’t end there. We also cover the importance of organization, how to determine a system that works for you, and how to implement it.

Finally, and most importantly, we talk about a critical element: tackling your to-do list. This is where the rubber meets the road, and I am here with exactly what you need to make sure you face your checklist head-on each and every day!

Bonus: In each area, there are several homeschool moms who share their tips on each area of scheduling, planning, organizing, and tackling their homeschool life! 

Assess & Adjust

Step 3: Checking In On Your Progress

Throughout your homeschool year, you’ll want to make sure you stay on track by using those benchmarks you created in step one. By evaluating your progress against your benchmarks, you will know what to look for in your evaluation, be able to determine where the pitfalls and successes are, and determine how to make adjustments.

It only takes one hour every six weeks to alleviate stress that can build up when you’re not sure you are on track. Evaluation is much more than completing a specific lesson number by a certain date. It’s the ability to step back and evaluate each student, discovering educational gaps or struggles before you continue far down the academic road where adjusting will be much more difficult.

Want to Learn The 3 Simple Steps to Homeschool Organized?

Here’s What You’ll Get

You Get Each Step to Homeschool Organized

A one-of-a-kind system created for homeschool moms by a homeschool mom! Learn each of the three steps with simple and easy-to-use instructions, samples to guide you, and bonus material each step of the way!

You Get Access to Every Worksheet

Begin organizing your homeschool immediately with instant access to every worksheet! Choose from a variety of worksheets for each step — from aspiring, goal setting, and benchmarking to over a dozen schedule forms, planning checklists, and more!

You Get Advice From Other Homeschool Moms!

You’ll discover what life is like for other homeschool moms as I showcase five different moms with students of varying ages as well as unique lifestyles and schedules. Learn how they schedule, how they lesson plan, their favorite tips for organization, and best of all, how they deal with discouragement and staying on track!

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