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Online Planning Tutorial

Adding Student Logins

As your students grow and mature, it becomes increasingly important for them to learn how to manage their own time, chores, and school assignments. This is why your Online Planning account includes the option to create student logins. With their own logins, your students can view their daily assignments and chores, check off what they have completed, and stay on top of their own progress.

Online Planning Transcript

Adding Student Logins Instructional

As helpful as it is for moms to be well organized, it is also essential that our children learn good time management and organizational skills as well. We’re going to explore how you can use the Well Planned Gal online planner to help your student learn time management skills.

Setup Through the Students Page

There are two ways to create logins for your student. The easiest way is to click on the Students icon in your Online Planning main menu.

First, make sure your student’s profile is completely set up. If you didn’t select an image or a color for your students when you first set up your school year, now is a great time to take care of that. Simply click on the edit icon beside your student’s name, make any needed changes, click Save, and return to the Student menu.

To create your student’s login, click the down arrow beside Permissions.

  • First, enter an e-mail address. Click the checkmark to save the e-mail address.
    Your student will need a separate e-mail address from the one listed under your administrator login. This could be an extra family e-mail address, an address belonging to your student, or a secure address you create for this purpose. Note that your student does not have to be able to receive e-mails to use the system.
  • Next, set a password and click the checkmark to save.

Setup Through Admin Management

The second way to add student logins is through your Admin Management.

  • Next to your user icon and name, click the down arrow to access My Account.
  • Click on the Admin Management button. Here, you should see all students currently entered into your planner. As on the Students page, you can use this management space to upload images, set a color for your students, and create a student login.
  • Enter a unique e-mail address and a password. Here you have the option to send the password to your student via e-mail. If you do not wish to do this, simply uncheck the Send E-mail box.
  • Choose Student as the user type, then click Add.

As a quick observation, you’ll notice that Teacher and Admin are additional options for User Type when creating a user in Admin Management. You are automatically an Admin, but you may want to add an additional admin, such as your spouse, to the system. The Teacher login allows Lessons page management only, including grading and notes.

How Student Logins Work

Your student login page will be a simplified version of your login. When logged in, your student will be able to do the following:

  • view all lesson plans assigned to them.
  • check off each assignment as it is completed.
  • click the down arrow beside an assignment to read a note from you or add a note of their own.
  • view any Checklist task assigned to them and check off when completed.
  • view any meal assigned to them.

Once your student marks an assignment or task as complete or sends a note to you, you will be able to see it in your own Admin login.

With access to their own account, students can learn to be responsible for their own assignments and chores, while you easily keep track every step of the way.

student login


My student doesn’t have an e-mail address. Can I still set up a login for them?

If your student does not have an e-mail address, you may use a parent’s secondary e-mail address or use one of the many systems designed to create safe, family-oriented digital communication. It is important, however, that each login have a unique address.

How do I reset my student login password?

Simply go the to Students page in your Online Planning account, click on Permissions for the student whose password needs to be updated, and enter a fresh password. See the Student Logins video or Instructional for more information.

Can student login accounts change assignments?

Students are not able to change, add, or delete assignments. They may only mark them as complete.

What type of account should I set up for my spouse so they can also log in and update/grade items?

A teacher account is a simple account with the Lessons page as the only view. With this account login, you can view assignments by date, adjust dates as needed, edit assignment information, mark assignments complete, and input grades. See the Student Login video for instructions on how to set up accounts through Admin Management, and select Teacher instead of Student to activate this type of login.