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Online Planning Tutorial

Checklist and Chores

Well Planned Gal’s planners have always been designed with the understanding that a homeschool teacher has more to maintain than just lessons. Online Planning is no exception! With the Checklists feature, you can customize chores, tasks, and to-dos for the whole family! Let’s walk through the ways you can customize Checklists to help you manage tasks well, week in and week out.

Online Planning Transcript

Checklist and Chores Instructional

Homeschooling involves more than just academic assignments. Other tasks and chores also need to fit into each day. Let’s walk through how to use Well Planned Gal’s Online Planning to keep track of chores and other tasks throughout the week. Checklists are completely customizable and can be used for anything that fits your unique family needs.

Creating a Task List

Start by logging into your Online Planning account, then click on the Checklist icon in the menu bar. Once you’re on this page, click Add List to start your first task list.

  • Click Add List Name to name your list. This could be a child’s name, a specific task, or whatever else might fit your need.
  • Choose the relevant days of the week for this task list.
  • Click Add Task and add a task name or set of instructions. Assign that task to one or more students or to yourself. (To select multiple names, simply hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard as you click the names.
  • Click the checkmark to add the task.
  • Repeat until you have added all tasks that need to be on this task list, then repeat for additional checklists.

Utilizing Task Lists

Your admin view allows you to see all of the checklists you create.

If your students have their own logins, they will only be able to see tasks assigned to them. They will also be able to check off completed tasks. When those tasks are checked off, they will show up for you under completed tasks. You will also be able to see at a glance what percentage of the task list has been completed.

To reset any list for a new day or week, simply click the box beside a completed task, and it will automatically return to the list of tasks that need to be completed.

Additional Features

Here are a few other features included in the checklists:

  • Click the minus in the top left corner of a list to minimize the list and simplify your checklist page.
  • Click the box directly below the minimize icon to archive the list.
  • Click the paperclip in the top right corner to have tasks show up on your students’ printed weekly schedules.
  • Click the duplicate icon in the top right corner to copy the list.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the list.

You can revisit archived lists at any time by clicking the Archive icon in the top right corner of the task page.

With the Checklist function, keeping up with chores, special projects, and other tasks is easier than ever!

Checklist and Chores


How do I set up rotating chores without needing to re-type a new list every week?

As each task is marked complete, it will move to the Completed Tasks section of the task list. At the end of each day or week, simply click the checkbox beside each completed task, and it will automatically repopulate to the task list.

Can I use the checklist feature as an assigned reading booklist?

Although the Checklist feature is designed for chores and to-dos, its flexibility allows you to create any kind of checklist you desire, providing it can be utilized with the available features.

How do I keep a list from showing up with the chores list on a report?

The paper clip icon at the top of each task list allows you to mark whether or not you want the list included in weekly printable reports. When the paper clip is highlighted, tasks will show up on the printed list. When it is not highlighted, the tasks will only be visible on the Checklist page of your Online Planning account.

Can students add to or change items in a checklist that’s been assigned to them?

No, students cannot change or add tasks. They can only check off tasks that they have completed.