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Online Planning Tutorial

Purchased Courses

Creating every course schedule for each of your students can be time consuming. That’s why I’m so excited about the option to add a purchased Curriculum Schedule to your Online Planning subscription. In this video, I walk you through selecting and importing a Curriculum Schedule as well as how to set that schedule up within your planner. Within minutes, you can have an entire school year planned and ready to go!

Online Planning Transcript

Purchased Courses Instructional

If you’ve been following the videos explaining how to set up the Well Planned Gal Online Planner, right now you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of entering your assignments. I have some great news for you! I have created curriculum schedules for some of the top homeschool curriculum on the market. When you subscribe to the online planner, your subscription automatically grants you access to all of these schedules!

Let’s walk through how to add a curriculum schedule to your online planner.

Start by logging into your account, then click on the Courses icon in the main menu at the top of your Online Planning screen.

(Quick note: If you don’t see the Courses icon, then it’s possible you need to set up your school year first. View the Getting Started tutorial to complete that first step.)

Purchase Your Course

You should see a large plus sign on this page. When you click it, you’ll see a drop down list of your available school years. Since you’re just getting started, you’ll just have one school year entered. Click that option.

  • Click Purchase Course.
  • On the Curriculum Schedules page, you can scroll down to view the schedules currently available, organized by subject. Choose your subject and publisher, then select your preferred course from the dropdown list.
  • When the Course Schedule opens in a new tab, click Add to Cart.
  • You may then return to the Curriculum Schedules page and continue shopping until you have selected all of the courses you need.
  • When you are done shopping, proceed to checkout. After you have completed the checkout process, the schedules will automatically be added to your Online Planning account.

Setting Up Your Course

Once you have completed your purchase, return to Online Planning to set up your course.

  • Return to the Courses page.
  • Click on the plus sign and choose your school year.
  • Click on Use Purchased Course. All purchased courses will show up in a dropdown menu. Select the course you wish to add to your school year.
  • Proceed to the Student tab and select the student or students that will be completing the course. You can assign the same course to multiple students, if desired.
  • Click on Schedule. Choose a start and end time for this course or select All Day.
    (Note: This does not lock your student into a specific class time. It simply helps put each course in an order of completion. It can always be changed later.)
    Select the day(s) that this course will be assigned to. You can click the Every Other Day box if you desire that the course be completed every other day throughout the year or you can select specific days of the week.

Click Save, and your purchased course schedule has been added!


To see what your course looks like, click again on the Courses icon at the top of your screen. You can see all of the same options that you would see in a custom course, but this time you will also note that there are already assignments entered into your course. If you click on the little “pencil” icon next to Assignments, a new screen will open showing that all of your assignments are already entered into the course, ready for your student to begin work on your start date.

Once a course is entered into your online planner, you can make any adjustments or changes you need to make. Click the down arrow next to Course Details. Here you can update the days and time, select the number of credits this course is worth if it is a high school course, adjust the weight system for grading purposes, choose whether or not you want this course to be included in printable schedule and progress reports or a high school transcript, and choose whether or not you want multiple students to be synchronized as you add or adjust lessons. You can also add additional books or students to this course.

Ready to add another course? Just click the plus sign again and repeat the process!

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Can I edit the assignments in a purchased Curriculum Schedule if I want to tweak it?

Yes! Once you have purchased a Curriculum Schedule, you may edit it in any way you please. This includes adding or deleting assignments, changing dates, and more. Anything you can edit on your own Custom Course may also be edited in a purchased Curriculum Schedule.

How do I know how many days per week to schedule my purchased Curriculum Schedule for?

When you shop for a new Curriculum Schedule, you will find a Total Number of Assignments heading in the schedule description. Use this number to help you determine how frequently assignments must be completed. For instance, a schedule with 150-180 assignments will need to be assigned daily in a typical 5-day weekly school schedule. A schedule with 32-36 assignments, by contrast, would only need to be assigned once per week.

Can I find out when my favorite curriculum will be added to your schedules?

At this time, we do not have projected dates for upcoming Curriculum Schedules. When you subscribe to the Well Planned Gal e-newsletter, however, you can stay up to date on news about new resources such as new Curriculum Schedules.