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How well does this describe you?

If you dread the task, it gets moved to the bottom of the list.

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Schedules, rules, and routines feel restrictive and stifling to you.

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Diversions are like adventures waiting to happen.

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A little chaos never hurt anyone.

Question 4 of 16

It's worth the extra time to put everything in its place before you go to bed.

Question 5 of 16

You prefer a place for everything, and everything in its place

Question 6 of 16

You consider yourself reliable, always getting the job done, no delaying

Question 7 of 16

Who needs a list! You enjoy the freedom of deciding in the moment

Question 8 of 16

I find comfort in doing the same thing each day, a routine

Question 9 of 16

It's ok if things aren't in the right place

Question 10 of 16

Take each day as it comes is your motto.

Question 11 of 16

You choose to do the things you like first.

Question 12 of 16

Setting aside time to plan is a priority.

Question 13 of 16

On the average day, you rely on a list of tasks to keep you on track. 

Question 14 of 16

You are quick to see a task and get it done. 

Question 15 of 16

There's no greater feeling than checking off a to-do list

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