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December Planning Tip

That Nagging Feeling

Do you ever feel it? That nagging sense that you’ve missed or forgotten something that you really wanted or needed to do? 

It hits all of us. While a planner can temper some of this angst by helping us keep track of things like doctor’s appointments or a work project that’s due, there are some things that just don’t fit on the calendar well. These are those special projects that need to get done, but it’s so easy to let them slide again and again and again. 

But what if you had a plan? 

Special Projects

Your planner has a section at the beginning of each month called Project. The original idea behind this space was to provide room for recording information about those tasks that need more than just to be included in the list. These are the projects that tend to be on-going or need extra planning to even begin. (Of course, don’t forget to use this in a manner that matches YOUR personality instead of trying to fit into anyone else’s mold!)

Want an example? On a cold December day, you might be thinking about how nice it would be to have a deck to enjoy during the pleasant days of spring and early summer. You know that your tendency is to have these great ideas and then never actually get around to them, but you don’t want to let this one go. You might even fill out an A.S.P.I.R.E. worksheet to help you really visualize how this is going to work. 

But as you’re visualizing, you realize that you don’t really need to set benchmarks for this project. Instead, you just need to lay out the details of the project. So, knowing you want to build the deck in March, you flip over to the March project page and start laying out a plan. Suddenly, the details are all there on paper just waiting for you to implement them. You’ll be all ready to start building that deck as soon as the weather starts to cooperate. Now it moves from a wishful thought to a real project that you can begin planning and saving up for! 

Each Project page includes a space to describe the project itself, as well as key information to note, a to-do list section, and a spot to make note of your progress. You can keep track of supplies that have been bought and what’s left to purchase, the budget available, what tasks you’ve done and have left to do — whatever works for you! 

Special projects can be very rewarding and even fun! But, if you have trouble organizing them or if they always remain distant dreams, it can be hard to find the joy in them. 

The key here is to get that nagging feeling off your chest, the dreams turned into tangible goals, and the goals accomplished. 

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