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March Planning Tip

Another Year?

It’s spring, and talk about the next school year is probably swirling all around you. Your response possible ranges from the thrill and excitement of getting to choose new books to the overwhelmed feeling of just trying to get through this year!

As we’ve talked about enjoying a well-planned year, we’ve focused almost exclusively on handling the current year. But homeschoolers who want to maximize their budget and take advantage of some of the best curriculum prices often need to be ready to start making purchases as early as February or March. That unfortunately means that you can’t simply focus on the current year. You do have to think and plan ahead. 

Intentionality, Not Hype

How can you enjoy the season while still being intentional about processing through planning for a new year? The easiest way to accomplish this is by focusing on your planning with specific questions and actions that will help you not get caught up in the “new year” hype. 

Here are a few tips for accomplishing that.

Assess the Needs

The ability to make solid decisions about the coming year lies in an honest consideration of where you are right now. Fortunately, if you have been processing through your evaluations and keeping in step with your benchmarks, this doesn’t require a lot of extra effort! You can simply review the notes you’ve been taking and use them to intentionally consider needs for the next year. 

Here are some questions you can ask that will help you with this consideration: 

  • What is working? What isn’t? What specifically needs to be changed in response to this information, and do those changes require a different curriculum? 
  • How are your students responding to the current curriculum and schedule choices? 
  • How does the current system fit into life as a whole? Do you have a rhythm that is working or do changes need to be made? Do you anticipate that your circumstances will remain the same or change in the coming year?
  • Is homeschooling still meeting the needs of your family?

In addition to these questions and the regular evaluations you do throughout the year based on your benchmarks, it’s also helpful to work through a broader academic assessment with your students. Well Planned Start is an assessment test that helps you evaluate what your students have learned, discover what gaps might still exist, and make tweaks to the schedule or curriculum to help you finish strong and be ready for a new year. Completing an assessment test like this can provide more insight into what is and isn’t working and what needs your student may have. 

Talk to Your Family

Have a family conversation about the coming year that incorporates both a review of the homeschool year and discussion about life beyond school. Encourage your spouse and children to share what they like and dislike most about where you are as a family. What goals does each family member have for the coming year? What activities would they like to try? What trips would they be interested in making? What skills do they want to develop?

Even if the final decisions rest on your shoulders, incorporating your family into the process will not only alleviate your burden and ensure that homeschooling remains a family affair, it will also help your children learn how to make wise decisions.

Rise Above the Hype

With sales and promotions hitting your inbox, it is incredibly easy to get caught up in the hype of the newest sale and the next great product. Before you purchase a product, make notes based on the observations you have made during your assessments and family discussions. Be armed with questions and a list of your family’s practical needs. 

As you interact with vendors, pay attention to the difference between those who are just seeking to push their product and those who are truly seeking to help you on your homeschooling journey. How do you know the difference? Well, those who want to help you succeed in homeschooling are much more likely to keep their products updated and relevant to the needs of homeschoolers rather than focusing on promoting their own ideals above all else. They are also willing to engage with you about where you are and honestly admit if another company’s products might better meet your needs. 

Once you’ve made these assessments, you’ll be able to take advantage of those wonderful sales with confidence. And in the process, you’ll be able to plan well and intentionally while still diligently processing through the current year’s needs. 

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