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October Planning Tip

Out & About or In & Focused

As our culture has become increasingly go-oriented, many of us have learned to recognize the importance of setting up boundaries. We are learning to say no and to have at least some moments when we can just be. 

As you plan for each week, though, you might look at the sections in your planner and feel that even they are pushing you to go and do. After all, it is called the “On the Go” planner, right? 

What if we were to look at that “go” concept a little differently? 

Out or In

To be “on the go” does not have to mean we’re constantly out and about, constantly running, constantly doing. Sometimes, being on the go can simply mean that we are continually in the process of living our lives well, whether that is being out and about or in and focused. Either way, it’s important to be intentional. 

When it comes to working with your planner, this intentionality is why you have weekly sections marked for routine, cleaning schedule, and meal planning. Even if you end up scrawling other things in those sections each week, the headers remind you of the importance of that intentionality. 

Ultimately, your goal is consistency. Don’t be so haphazard that you can’t figure out your own plan! 

Using the Week Well

There are a few ways that you can use your planner to make sure that the week runs smoothly for you. Think about how you set up your overall rhythm of schedule and routine, then apply that same concept to weekly planning. If there are tasks that must fit on a certain day or appointments that must go into a certain time slot, fill in those first. 

Next, note general reminders. These are things that don’t necessarily fit on a single day or at a specific time. But, they need to be included in your week’s plan. So, choose a consistent place to write those down, even if it’s a box with a different label on it, like “My Routine.” 

Be realistic. Prioritize the generals, realizing that sometimes you can’t do it all. Be intentional about priorities.

Finally, remember to not be so rigid in the use of your planning tools that you cannot adjust the planner to meet your needs. As you finish the week and prepare for a new one, take a fresh look at anything that didn’t get done and consider it all in light of the upcoming week, realistically prioritizing once again. 

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