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S.P.O.T. Method

Have you ever read a great book or attended an amazing conference, sensing that you’ve suddenly been armed with very helpful insight into yourself, only to then step back and say, “Now what?” You are in possession of facts and even have this great overarching concept of what those facts mean, but you have no idea how to practically apply what you’ve learned. 

It’s no different for the homeschool mom who is trying to learn to plan well. You’ve discovered your Planner Personality. You’ve explored your strengths and weaknesses. But, now you’re left asking that persistent question: Now what?

Fortunately, there’s an answer to the “Now what?” question, no matter what your personality may be. This is where the S.P.O.T. Method comes in handy.  The S.P.O.T. Method consists of four strategic focuses, each of which helps you work toward the successful accomplishment of your goals.

There are a variety of ways to implement each focus of the S.P.O.T. method. Click the links below to learn more about each focus and how you can hone in on your strengths to set and accomplish your goals! 

Prioritizing Your Goals


Depending on your personality, you may either be a person who loves to be detailed in scheduling or one who prefers flexibility. Either way, a schedule is necessary! Most people think that creating a schedule involves filling in blocks detailing what happens every hour, half hour, or quarter of an hour, ensuring that every moment is filled. But, the reality is that a schedule is simply a structure or set of boundaries that guides you to use your time intentionally. A schedule allows you to have the space needed to fulfill any goals you may set. 

Learn to Schedule

Detailing Your Goals


Where a schedule is a general set of boundaries, a plan is more focused on specific tasks needed to reach a specific goal. The catch is that word “focused.” Your personality will either love focused plans or prefer a more spontaneous approach. Believe it or not, checklists work for either personality! Your checklist can be as detailed or as general as you need it to be. The key is to have something that provides reminders to help you stay on target.

Learn to Plan

Focusing On Your Goal


Once you have a schedule and a plan, it’s time to organize! Perhaps your preference is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Maybe you’re someone who knows exactly which pile to reach for when you need a book or folder, even if no one else can ever figure out your system. Either way, you have an established organizational method. Your goal is to figure out how to use your organizational method to both accomplish your goal and help your family get there with you.

Learn to Organize

Accomplishing Your Goal


You can schedule, plan, and organize all day long. But until you actually tackle the job, you will never reach your goal! Some people love to jump in and get to work, making adjustments along the way, while others prefer to analyze and work through the options, trying to problem-solve as much as possible before diving in. No matter which approach you prefer, the point is to accomplish your goal. It’s important to make sure that you don’t let mistakes or a temptation to procrastinate derail you along the way

Learn to Tackle