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Essentials to Create Your Schedule

I never dreamed I’d have five kids in seven years. With the mounds of laundry, the never-ending diaper changing, and the sink of dishes, I had my hands full. I was young and inexperienced. Isn’t that how most of us are when we become mothers? Somehow we figure things out and manage. 

But then we add homeschooling to the mix, and getting everything done in a day becomes the largest mountain we ever try to climb. For some of us, it’s a new experience to have the kids home all day. Perhaps it’s also a new experience for Mom to be home all day. For others, it’s trying to school while keeping up with the toddlers. It was in those early years that I discovered the importance of a daily schedule. 

I watched and observed some of the women around me. They had older children and seemed to have it all together, so I asked question after question about how they scheduled their days. They shared their plan, and I tried it out. It failed, miserably. 

You see, schedules are like kids; each of us have them, but they are each distinctly different. Creating the schedule that works for you begins….

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Learn More About Scheduling 

Whether you love to have every moment planned or you’d rather go with the flow, there is a scheduling method that fits your personality! Let the S.P.O.T. Method guide you as you explore tips to help you learn how to schedule for homeschooling, home management, personal time, and more in a way that capitalizes on your personality strengths and nourishes weak areas.

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