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What We Need

Although I stress the importance of staying home when the kids are little ones, it’s also just important to find the time to join a Bible study, attend church, or get involved in some way that allows you the benefits the community of Christ brings into our lives....

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What About Socialization?

If you mention homeschooling to very many people, you are likely to get the 20-million-dollar question. It comes in a variety of forms. While it may sound like, “How will they make friends?” or, “What about the prom?”, these questions all fall into one category: “What about socialization?”...

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The Secret of Sisters

I have a secret. It was once told to me, and I didn’t listen. But, as time often does, it repeated the matter, and I heard a faint whisper. Time continued, and again I heard it, a bit louder. Each time, the secret became clearer and began to take shape,...

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