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The Treasure of Spiritual Mothers

One year at our annual encouragement day for homeschooling moms, my friend, Sue, told a very personal story from her early days teaching her three children. While her two daughters were model students, her son had given her a run for her money. Day after day ended in tears, usually...

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Are We Really Socialized?

While I do fully recognize the nourishment that comes from being with others who are like-minded, I cannot help but wonder if the increase in homeschool community interactions is causing a different socialization problem - one that could impact ourselves and our children as powerfully as a lack of socialization...

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A Fleshed-Out Christmas

Jesus shows us love incarnate, fleshed-out, when He goes to the Cross for us. When we need peace? As He cries out, “Father, forgive them!” and makes peace between God and man, we see peace. Joy? The Incarnate One who rose up from the grave, conquering death shows us where...

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