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Going Above and Beyond the Lesson Plans

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Homeschooling encompasses so many different things, and we all know that it’s so much more than just teaching your children at home. In addition to educating them on lessons in math, language arts, and all the other subjects, homeschooling allows families to truly embrace learning by granting them so many opportunities to tie some kind of valuable lesson into everyday life.

Everyday Lessons

There is so much to be learned, and even the most seemingly routine occurrences open the door for plenty of learning.

Grocery Store

Talk to your children about the different types of food groups, teach them how to read food nutrition labels, and discuss why doing so can help them make healthy choices. In the produce section, have them practice estimation and quantity with the scale by weighing different fruits and vegetables. Plus don’t forget to have them help you count money when paying at the register.

Household chores

Doing the laundry, taking care of pets, and completing housekeeping tasks serve as perfect opportunities to teach children the importance of cleanliness and responsibility, not just of themselves but also others. Plus, this will also help them become self-sufficient and allow them to perhaps earn money by helping you out with chores.

Cooking and baking

Next time you’re making dinner or baking a special treat for dessert, get the children involved. Have them brush up on their math skills as they count and measure. Throw in some science and talk about the chemical and physical changes they observe as the food cooks. You can also have younger students practice their literacy by having them read simple recipes out loud.

Financial matters

Have your children weigh in whenever your family addresses budget issues. For example, what are the benefits of saving to buy a new car versus fixing your current car? If your child earns money for chores, talk to him or her about the importance of spending it wisely, saving for a big purchase, or even donating to those less fortunate.

Apart from the fundamental academic skills your children are learning, the essential life lessons that make their way into day to day life benefit them in immeasurable ways.


Life is full of ups and downs, and it can be easy to just throw in the towel when things get difficult. But it’s important to teach our children that no matter what, they should never give up. Going through difficult times helps us grow and learn and makes us better prepared to tackle anything that comes our way.


If you’re a creature of habit like me, you don’t do very well with change. Granted, change can be for the better, but having to rearrange our thinking, our schedule, and our lives takes a lot of work for most of us. Teaching your children to be flexible allows them to take things in stride and be prepared for anything life throws their way.


I ask my children all the time: can you imagine if everyone on the planet looked the same and had the same opinions? We’d live in a pretty boring world. Children need to learn that not everyone is like them and that being different isn’t a bad thing. Teaching respect and tolerance makes our children open minded and paves the way for learning so much about those who we may have initially thought we had nothing in common with.

Learning can take place anywhere, anytime. Embracing your child’s hunger for knowledge allows you to also raise an inquisitive individual who will never cease to ask questions and learn. That’s what the big picture of homeschooling is all about.

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