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Top 3 Ways to Build Confident Communicators with Handwriting

Handwriting is the foundation for written communication success, helping children become better, more creative writers, clearly communicate their thoughts across different subjects, and write with speed and ease.

But, if handwriting is the foundation for written communication success, how do you effectively and easily teach children this important skill so that they can build a strong foundation?

With explicit, multisensory handwriting instruction that brings learning to life, you can help children master handwriting and ultimately become successful readers, writers, and communicators.

Tips for Building Confident Communicators

As you begin to build a strong handwriting foundation to support writing success, here are three ways to build confident communicators with handwriting and writing.

Show Correct Formation

Sometimes children just need a good model! Show correct letter formation with models and hands-on activities. Children learn best when they’re specifically shown correct letter modeling with step-by-step, child friendly language and visuals.

Create Worksheets that Foster Good Handwriting Habits

As a homeschooler, finding and creating worksheets that foster good handwriting habits can sometimes be a hassle. With so many different types of lines, confusing graphics and organization, and not enough room for children to write, make sure that you’re using worksheets with appropriate lines, simple organization, and enough room for children to write!

Pair Handwriting with Cross-Curricular Lessons

What’s better than just handwriting? Handwriting, writing practice, and cross-curricular learning! Pair handwriting practice with lessons in other subjects and independent writing practice to help your learners succeed in every subject, enabling them to become well-rounded confident writers.

The Learning Without Tears Solution

At Learning Without Tears™, our key to a strong foundation for handwriting lies in the components of our Handwriting Without Tears® program, which incorporates multisensory teaching strategies, active lessons, cross-curricular connections, a unique letter order style, and a clean and simple workbook design into explicit handwriting instruction. Plus, our new Building Writers workbooks support good handwriting habits with integrated structured writing practice for three types of writing.

Building a strong foundation for written communication success is easy when you have the write tools! Check out Learning Without Tears Letter and Number Formation Charts for correct letter formation, create your own worksheets to reinforce good handwriting habits with our A+ Worksheet Maker Lite and pair handwriting with cross-curricular themes and independent writing practice with our Bundles featuring handwriting and Building Writers workbooks.

Start Your Learning Without Tears Journey!

Are you ready to begin? Follow the links below to find resources that will help you build confident communicators!

About the Author

Kathryn Fox received her Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication from James Madison University. She is an experienced editor, copywriter, and technical writer and has worked for the government and in the IT, music, and telecommunications industries. She is currently a writer and editor for Learning Without Tears and loves providing content that empowers young writers and teachers. Kathryn lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her best friends.

Learning Without Tears is the leader in providing easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, and developmentally appropriate materials to Pre-K and elementary students for early learning, handwriting, keyboarding, and writing instruction. Learning Without Tears makes learning and teaching easy and fun with superior educational products, training, and materials for educators and parents.

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