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How the Career Homeschool Mom Stays Organized


My youngest has graduated, but when I consider how many years I’ve homeschooled, I realize it’s been the majority of my life. As a career homeschool teacher with five kids, I homeschooled nearly 25 years. 

The career of a homeschool teacher is distinctly unique. From changing diapers and washing dishes to lesson planning for multiplication and photosynthesis, we moms juggle a lot. As with other careers, it’s critical to have the tools that ensure success, growth, and continuing education. 

Career homeschool moms, myself included, use the Well Planned Day because it has the functionality to handle the wide spectrum of daily tasks, challenges us to achieve, and helps us learn how to better teach. Here are the top 10 features of Well Planned Day that make it the career homeschool mom’s number one planner pick:


Each month includes key planner areas that allow moms to successfully juggle the different departments they manage: teaching, parenting, cooking, cleaning, and even self-care. 

Starting with the monthly calendar, moms can schedule activities and appointments. The weekly spread, the core of the Well Planned Day, has daily lesson planning, attendance, grading, mom’s to-do list, dinner menu, weekend plans, and self-care. Within these two pages, a career homeschool mom can plan for the entire day. 

Teaching Multiple Kids

No need for multiple planners to assign lessons—the Well Planned Day has enough room to manage four students. It also incorporates the flexibility to use a grid section for individual students or the entire family. With a little creativity, I’ve seen moms alternate history and science, giving them more time to spend on the subject and using 2 days of worksheet areas to plan. Bonus: the extra space at the end of each day can be used for a fifth child who only needs to plan for math and phonics (preschool – 1st grade).

#1 Homeschool Planner

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Plan Up to 4 Students


This 284 page, 12 month, fully dated (July 1st - June 30th) planner has everything you need to create a curriculum plan, develop benchmarks for each subject, and create daily lesson plans for up to four students.

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Attendance and Grades

Whether you live in a state that requires reporting or you understand that, by logging attendance and progress, you can use the data to evaluate your own efforts as a career homeschool teacher, the Well Planned Day has a simple and effective system. For attendance there is a daily checkbox which can be transferred to the semester attendance reports. For grading, by using the blocks in the weekly assignment area, you can record the average for the week in the semester grade log.

Homeschool Perks

Taking field trips, visiting the library, and reading aloud on the couch have to be some of the best perks for the career homeschool mom. In the Well Planned Day, there is ample space to plan for the field trips, schedule books for your students to read, manage the library books (save on those late fees), and chart your read-alouds. As a bonus, each month I include ideas for books and educational adventures based on the holiday for the month or the season of the year.  

Report Cards

In some cities and towns, good grades on report cards can get your student ice cream, pizza, or a free game of bowling. For other families, it’s critical to show the in-laws the proof that schooling at home works. In either case, I’ve included four heavy stock paper and micro-perforated report cards in different designs! Easy to tear out and easy to fold so you can create a report card in style.

Home and School Schedules

Successfully reaching your goals begins with a schedule. In the Well Planned Day, there are teacher schedule and student schedules (4) to ensure you can create the routine rhythm in your home. Career homeschool moms use the schedule page to get a birds eye view of their week, ensuring they haven’t over-scheduled and helping them understand where they may have a few extra minutes. Included on the schedule are specific times for meals, cleaning, schooling, extra curricular, and community commitments.

Dinner Menu and Shopping

Some career moms use the monthly calendar to lay out the menu for the month, then transfer to the weekly layout and use the information to create shopping lists. Other moms, myself included, plan the menu by the week, often based on what’s on sale at the supermarket. With a plan in place, I use the perforated shopping lists to record what I need from the store. With a page of shopping lists each month, I’ve have enough lists to last the year.

Home Management

Beyond scheduling the daily tasks for cleaning, there are worksheets to create a daily cleaning system and space to log monthly project goals for things like spring cleaning and changing out the seasonal wardrobe. Within each month there are additional home management spaces to assign chores, detail home projects, and determine purchasing needs. 

Holiday Organization

Between November and December, I’ve included six pages of holiday management. From menus and shopping lists to gift-giving ideas, to-do list, and a place to record traditions, there are pages to plan for everything the holidays bring, including greeting cards and decorating. By organizing your holidays in these pages, you are able to keep everything together and rest in the joy of the season.

Continuing Education

As a career homeschool mom, like many careers, continuing education is a must. As your children grow and teaching becomes more complicated, or as your home life grows in busyness and you need to stay on top of organization, access to additional resources from Well Planned Gal will help you continue learning how to better yourself as a career homeschool mom. 

I’ve touched on ten areas of the Well Planned Day, but if you open the pages of the planner, you’ll find that I’ve added even more areas to ensure every aspect of your homeschooling journey has a place to plan. As you begin, return, or continue in your homeschooling career, you’ll discover, as other moms have found, that the Well Planned Day is a necessary tool for success. 

#1 Homeschool Planner

Original Homeschool Planner

Plan Up to 4 Students


This 284 page, 12 month, fully dated (July 1st - June 30th) planner has everything you need to create a curriculum plan, develop benchmarks for each subject, and create daily lesson plans for up to four students.

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With five kids in their teen and early adult years, Rebecca shares the many ups and downs of parenting, homeschooling, and keeping it all together. As the Well Planned Gal she mentors women towards the goal of discovering the uniqueness Christ has created in them and their family and how to best organize and plan for the journey they will travel.

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  • Jess Carnell

    This will be my first year up coming, to do
    Homeschool with my 4th grader and preschooler. Thank you for this, super helpful! Can’t wait to try it all along with your products!

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    • Sara Cooper

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  • Jennifer Alexander

    As a mom of 8, homeschooling many different ages at once can be challenging. My best advice is to keep it simple. We do not have to do all the things in one day. Lead with grace, and make a plan!

    June 19, 2023 at 9:53 pm Reply
    • chenoah long

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  • Denise Love

    I have homeschooling for a few years now but have just started needing to wite everything down. This seems absolutely lovely to help keep everything in one place from vacations to dinner plans to daily schedules. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    Honestly your planners and all that you offer have made me so excited for our first year of homeschooling after leaving traditional school. I also have 5 kids, between the ages of 9 years down to 9 months and so it’s been a little daunting switching over. But all the organizational planners and information you offer and share has made everything seem way less complicated or intimidating! Thank you!

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    Love the way you incorporate home and school in one place. Saying goodbye to multiple calendars/planners.

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    This is such a beautiful planner I love that it has a section for establishing family rhythms. That’s something we really need to work on this year to make better use of our time.

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    • Heather I

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    I used a Well Planned planner when we first started homeschooling about 8 years ago. I then moved into others, which was my mistake. Well Planned planners are my favorite and work the best for our family.

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    Looks pretty neat!!

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    I am a homeschooling Mom of 4 so far. My children are the ages 9 months, 3 years, 5 years, and 8 years. Although we are new to homeschooling, it’s been such a wonderful blessing to do so! We look forward to all years to come and all the wonderful things to learn!

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