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morning baskets

Homeschool Morning Baskets

I recently heard a new homeschool term: morning baskets. As the mom of two graduates and a halfway-through-high-schooler, I confess to not being up on much of the latest homeschool lingo. But as I listened to the description of morning baskets, the concept sounded like an old familiar...

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organizing homeschool resources

5 Tips for Organizing Homeschool Resources

If you’re anything like me, accumulating homeschool supplies and books is so much fun. But organizing it all can be a headache! Whether you are keeping up with the day-to-day supplies and resources or considering year-to-year storage, organizing can be a challenge for any homeschool family. Learning organization tricks can not...

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Homeschool Area Ready

Homeschool Area Ready!

I’m often told that I’m unique, and it makes me smile. I am different. I am a type A personality who loves to makes plans and execute them. My brain rarely rests, as I am always thinking about what needs to be done next or trying to analyze what just...

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