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Kitchen Clean-Up

For years, I would arrive at the dinner table completely drained. Cooking a meal after a long day of caring for young children and then immediately sitting down without the energy to converse with my family completely dampened the evening. ...

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Sunday Traditions

When planning time together in order to establish a family tradition, the most important thing to remember is the uniqueness of your family. Don’t try copying someone else or a Pinterest board! Instead, discover what family members enjoy and set about to make the most of time together....

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Guest Ready

By working margin into your life, recognizing that fellowship is more important than being the perfect hostess, and making sure that there’s always a “company” stash in the pantry or freezer, being guest ready will become an automatic and natural part of life!...

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Schoolroom Spring Cleaning

To avoid the inevitable disarray getting so disorganized that it becomes a chaotic snowball, regular “spring cleaning” is a necessity. Organizing our school stuff is a vital part of homeschool planning. If I’m scrambling to find things, I’m not at my best, and our school time suffers. I’ve learned that...

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Cleaning House

There is a fact about me that I have always been a little embarrassed to share. I hate housework of any kind. I have tried to narrow it down to my most and least favorite tasks, but the truth is that none of it appeals to me in any way. I...

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