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10 Reasons it’s Easier to Homeschool High School


Moms who fearlessly tackled fractions, phonics, and field trips suddenly question their ability to homeschool their children when it’s time for high school.

Facilitating the learning process (a.k.a. homeschool high school) for complex subjects like algebra, chemistry, logic, and Latin requires no prerequisite knowledge in order to provide an environment where the student can learn those subjects successfully and competently through video instruction, tutoring, or online or community college courses.

High School is Easier!

It is possible to make it through homeschool high school with very little teaching required by mom or dad, but there are at least ten other reasons why it’s easier to homeschool high school.

Whatever. You’ve probably observed the attitude with the eye roll, the tilt of the head, the sigh, and the set of the shoulders. Attitudes are more contagious than the stomach flu (which is another reason to homeschool!). Given enough time with other infected youth, children can come home with a new ‘tude everyday. Typically, homeschool students are more interested in pleasing their parents than their peers, and skip that awkward whatever stage.

Show me the money.

Think college fund here. Fads burn through high school like a forest fire, and you can save a bundle by simply missing many of the expensive fads, gadgets, and games high school students need. Without the pressure exerted by their peers, many homeschool students delay getting their license to drive, saving hundreds of dollars on car insurance, too.

Free work force.

Benefit from the energy and capabilities of your children. Home school students are motivated to complete their school work quickly; add to that the time they save on a commute and the time wasted on the cuteness factor, and they typically have several hours each day to help with household chores, ministry activities, the family business, or childcare.

College is the new high school.

Most modern college classes are less difficult than high school classes of a century ago. Consider skipping a year or two of high school, and enroll students in a few community or online college classes, giving them an economical head start on their college degree, with an opportunity to learn to work with another instructor.

My boyfriend’s back.

The current public school culture begins pressuring girls to have a boyfriend in elementary school. It is not uncommon for public school students to experience sexual pressure. Reports show that students as young as middle school grades hand out sexual favors for popularity. Avoid this very confusing and dangerous environment that pressures impressionable and pliable children to enter into a premature relationship, by shielding them a bit longer from expectations of the culture.

What were you thinking?!

Young brains are simply not experienced enough or equipped to wisely handle many of the situations public school children are faced with in today’s culture like drugs, alcohol, bullying, peer pressure, gender and sexual identity confusion, and school violence. In the nine hours a public school student is away from the home, there are many unsupervised moments, leaving too much time for occurrences of frontal-lobe failure (immaturity). Students can develop naturally and normally at home, concentrating on their studies, leaving plenty of time for them to mature socially at the appropriate time when they are ready.

Bad company corrupts good character.

Homeschool parents enjoy the luxury of handpicking their children’s friends and mentors and easily eliminating unproductive attachments. Proximity often promotes friendships based on personality, rather than character. Some experts suggest that homeschool children with a limited peer group often benefit from the lack of socialization by concentrating on educational and personal development.

Some sinners are very charming, but blessed is the man who walks not in counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers (Psalm 1:1).

The “F” Word.

“F” stands for faith, family, and fun, but foul language is rampant in public schools. Save their vocabulary development for words that will actually be on the ACT! Homeschool students also avoid the daily bombardment of and exposure to cultural perversions. Public school can be quite an education!

Too busy for busy work.

Homeschool parents can eliminate mindless busy work and focus on important subjects for life prep. The homeschool student can complete the necessary course work, plus have time to delve deeply into subjects that are interesting and beneficial in later life. Homeschool students typically have time every day to devote to spiritual development and passions and interests like music, writing, crafts, work, and apprenticeships. A homeschool student might be able to learn twice as much in half as much time at home.

That’s life.

Use those high school years as life prep. Homeschool students have time to learn to manage the household and have a head start over other students as they learn the skills they will need in the next season, i.e. laundry, meal prep, housework, landscaping, car maintenance, shopping, budgeting, etc.

Consider all the reasons you began to homeschool in the first place.

Those reasons are probably still valid and might be more important than ever as the main reasons you want to homeschool high school. When you consider the time, effort, and money saved in these ten simple reasons, you might decide it’s easier than you think!

Shari Popejoy, wife of thirty years, mother of three, author of nine books, and creator of Won Without Words (a blog of encouragement for wives) and Oh Joy! (for homeschool families) lives in the quiet country of the Ozarks. She and her husband operate Injoy, Inc., a publishing company that specializes in publishing first-time authors. She enjoys high places and the road less traveled, early morning sunrises--and chocolate.

  • Laura Lane

    Excellent article. My son is interested in taking a class at the high school tech center. I am considering it, but I think it may be better to take it at the community college instead. We shall see. I made the mistake of sending my oldest to school the last two years thinking that they could teach him better. Unfortunately education was low on the list of what he learned. Thank you for bringing that to my memory.

    July 27, 2016 at 6:08 am Reply
  • National Home School

    A Very Informative Article. It Clearly explains what exactly a high school kid needs to be taught. Home School is one of the best methods of Education.

    July 6, 2017 at 12:25 pm Reply

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