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Getting Ready: How to Get a Head Start on College

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The UA Early College Program at The University of Alabama allows high school students the opportunity to begin earning college credit either online or on-campus. The UA Early College Program offers over 80 online or on-campus college courses, and students may be eligible for a partial tuition scholarship based on their high school GPA.

Mandatory, Four-Week College Readiness Course

UAEC 200 introduces students to essential college readiness skills they need to succeed both as a UA Early College student and as a student at a top university. UAEC 200 courses are offered online nearly every month—an option that makes participating in UA Early College that much easier. Some of the important skills that students learn include time management, utilization of academic resources, effective research practices, successful interaction with professors, and successful study skills. Early College students have access to any resources at The University of Alabama that an enrolled freshman would. Upon successful completion of the college readiness course, students have over 80 online and on-campus course options from which to choose.

Director of UA Early College, Victoria Whitfield, Ph.D. said, “UA Early College gives students the opportunity to explore their interests while earning credit from a top university. Not only are they earning credits that will transfer to almost anywhere in the nation, but also they are building their educational foundation with the support of advisors, student-centered faculty, a learning community coordinator, and peer coaches who care about their success. Our students graduate high school knowing that they can succeed at any university or college they attend.”

Summer on Campus

In addition to the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course, the UA Early College Program seeks to not only expose students to the academic side of college, but also to the social and transitional areas of a university campus. Summer on Campus is a summer program for high school students offered through UA Early College.

High school students may be eligible to earn UA college credit on the beautiful University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Students share with us that Summer On Campus both challenged them and helped them develop the confidence that they could succeed at a top-50 four-year university. In fact, some high school students tell us they don’t want to leave!
Students can join UA Early College students as they walk the Quad, take six or seven hours of credit per summer semester, and make great friends! Students live with other UA Early College students and benefit from our strong support network of residential staff and peer coaches.

How Does Summer on Campus Work?

Students enroll in six or seven credit hours – that’s two University of Alabama classes for either the month of June (Summer I Term) or the month of July (Summer II Term) – or they can stay the entire summer for both terms. Classes meet Monday through Friday. Mandatory study hall meets on Sunday through Thursday evenings. Students live in a secure-entry, suite-style residence hall with other UA Early College students as well as UA Early College peer coaches and staff. Each student will have a private bedroom in a four-bedroom suite, share a bathroom with one roommate, and prepare food in the kitchenette (with microwave and full-size refrigerator).

Students can access meals on campus, various transportation options, and recreational activities on campus. The Summer on Campus Program allows students to participate in a variety of campus activities, meet academic advisors, decide on a career at the Career Center, and attend dinners and receptions.

Students who are interested in participating in the Summer on Campus Program will need to apply to the UA Early College Program and pass the introductory, required college readiness course or UAEC 200.

For students who prefer an online option, they can still take a wide variety of online courses during the summer.

If you're in high school, you don't have to wait to get your college career started. Through The University of Alabama Early College program you can take college courses online or on campus while still in high school. Thousands of high school students have gotten a big jump on college through UA Early College.

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