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Homeschooling Outside the Box

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Winter is almost upon us, and with that comes so many exciting things to look forward to: chilly weather, mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows, family gatherings, and in many areas, even snowy goodness to play in.

If you have had a rough start to this homeschooling year, or if this is your first time homeschooling, this upcoming winter break may offer a much needed escape that will benefit every member of your household. While this break is a great time to get away from the typical homeschooling stress, it is also a great chance to renew your spirit as well as your child’s.

If your family takes a break from homeschooling during the holidays, be sure to incorporate bits and pieces of education whenever and wherever possible. As a homeschooler, you have so much flexibility afforded to you that the sky’s the limit with what you can do and learn.

Outdoor Winter Activities

Even though it may be chilly, bundle up and head outside with the kids. Here are some fun, outdoor activities inspired by winter that are fun and even a bit educational.

Blow bubbles! Ever blown bubbles when it is cold outside? You and your child will be ‘blown’ away with the results.

Put your detective hat on. Go for a walk and observe how your habitat is changing around you. Which plants and animals are you seeing more or less of? If you find animal tracks on the ground, try to find out what created them.

Learn to ice skate or master the figure eight. Lace up those ice skates and get some exercise. Try learning a skill on the ice like a figure eight, or take a few laps for some cardio that will warm you right up. No snow in sight? Head to the local ice skating rink. Don’t forget the protective equipment!

Lucky enough to have snow where you live? Try these:

Do you want to build a snowman? If you have always lived in a snowy climate, this may be a yearly tradition for you. Try something different this time like building a fort or an igloo.

Build a sled. Still remember a thing or two from your shop class in high school? Show the kids how to build a sled. They will love getting hands on and then putting to use their very own creation. You can also have them paint and decorate it once it’s assembled.

Forget the paper, create art in the snow! Let the kids unleash their creativity in a unique way. Recycle spray bottles or dishwashing detergent bottles by filling them with food coloring and water, then head outside and let the kids decorate the snow.

Indoor Winter Activities

If the weather outside is way too frightful, get creative with some indoor fun and games.

  • Learn about architecture by building a gingerbread house.
  • Practice counting and measuring by baking your favorite recipe.
  • Build a cozy fort in your living room with blankets, pillows, and couch cushions.
  • Build a snowman without the snow! Use marshmallows, pretzels, and other edibles.

Staving off Winter Boredom

As a homeschooler, you know learning comes in many shapes and forms. In addition to the hands-on activities like the ones listed above, be sure to incorporate other educational options to prevent boredom and keep those little minds sharp.

  • Head to the library and check out a few books to read. In fact, why not get everyone excited by having a contest to see who can read the most books during their break?
  • Log into fun! Online programs are interactive and educational. Sometimes, kids don’t even realize they are learning with all the fun they are having.
  • Print worksheets for students to complete. This way, they are practicing their handwriting and fine motor skills.

Perhaps this break is a good time to take up a new hobby or have your child learn a new skill. Talk to them and find out what it is they are curious and passionate about. Get to really know your child and share some of your own dreams and goals. Without the constraints of a set schedule, your children have more time to explore their interests and follow their dreams. As a homeschooler, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide what, when, and where your child learns.

For over a decade, Time4Learning has helped over 400,000 students reach their potential. Our flexible, mobile-friendly curriculum can help your child pursue all their interests. No matter the season or the length of any given break your family decides to take, remember, never cease to give your children the opportunity to learn something new, reach for the sky, and dream big! With Time4Learning, the possibilities are endless.

Time4Learning is an award-winning, comprehensive curriculum for PreK-12 that makes learning effective and engaging through animated lessons and activities. Over the last 10 years, Time4Learning has helped over 500,000 homeschooling families with its flexible and engaging curriculum that also grades lessons, tracks progress, and keeps reports. Time4Learning is now offering online foreign language courses for members. Choose from English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin, Italian, Japanese, or Russian.

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