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In the News: Can Public Schools Abuse Homeschooling?


Homeschooling in the News

Suspicion is growing as a number of schools in the United Kingdom appear to be “off-rolling” students and forcing them to homeschool.

American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has brought home quite the collection of Grammys, and she credits homeschooling for allowing her the freedom to follow her interests and pursue her dreams at a young age. As homeschooling gains popularity in the US, the thought of combining education and interest development isn’t all that uncommon for American families. But, Eilish also has a solid following in the United Kingdom where homeschooling is developing in a somewhat different—and more disturbing—direction.


Homeschooling Let Billie Eilish Soar,

But For Some Families It’s A Curse

“Concern about the school environment, including drugs and peer pressure, is the most commonly cited reason for U.S. parents choosing to homeschool, identified by around a third of homeschoolers, followed by a dissatisfaction with academic instruction and a desire for religious instruction.

“But in the U.K., the growth of homeschooling is not down to parents making a positive choice, even if for somewhat negative reasons, but to children being pushed out of schools.”


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