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Children Love Superheroes.

It’s just a fact, and who wouldn’t love the epic battles of good versus evil? Getting to see the good guys come out victorious in the end – because, lets face it, the good guys always win. Kids’ heroes today are Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and basically any hero they can see on TV or in the movies. These heroes all fight their enemies with brute strength and might and defeat them before the enemy destroys their world; but it’s just pretend, right? What we watch in these cartoons, movies, shows etc., couldn’t really happen in the real world, could it?

A Very Real Battlefield

Unfortunately there is a real enemy out there who is fighting against us. Thankfully we serve a God who is fighting for us, AND has already WON the war! While we can’t always see this raging war going on, it is real. But here’s the good news! We have the tools and weapons to be able to combat and go to battle with this real enemy. We don’t need to depend on the superheroes we see on TV or in the movies. All we have to do is suit up with the armor of God by hiding his word in our heart.

Meet Bibleman!

Bibleman, The Animated Adventure series has been created to help children learn real ways to defeat the enemy by memorizing Scripture and hiding God’s Word in their heart. While the Bible team goes on crazy adventures to save people from some pretty wacky villains, children are learning and memorizing Scripture. These verses will become their battle plan to help defeat the enemy as they grow up.

The Bibleman brand has books, DVDs, and toys that will allow your children to grow in their faith by saturating their minds and hearts with the Word of God. It’s not just another superhero to follow because he’s strong or courageous; this is a hero that can teach and train your child to defeat the enemy.

“Start a youth out on his way, even when he grows old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6 (CSB – Christian Standard Bible)

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