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Virtues of Gardening

It has amazed me how receptive our children have been to the work and the enjoyment that gardening has brought. Maybe it’s the fresh air and the tranquility of all things in order. Perhaps it’s that kids, in a world full of consumerism and video games, simply enjoy the basics...

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In the Beginning

Recognizing that God is the Creator who designed the earth, our bodies, and every law that makes the world work, we understand that He is above it all. God is not confined to the laws of nature that He set, but we are. God and His works are of Him,...

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Science Phobia

The immensity of science points us to a God who is greater, and the pursuit of knowledge should encourage us, not intimidate us. We will find that the universe we live has been made amazing by an amazing Creator, who set the earth in motion around the sun....

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