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Homeschool Area Ready!

I’m often told that I’m unique, and it makes me smile. I am different. I am a type A personality who loves to makes plans and execute them. My brain rarely rests, as I am always thinking about what needs to be done next or trying to analyze what just...

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Busy Days, Easy Dinners

Making the list, finding the deals, shopping, dragging groceries home, unloading, prepping, and then cooking can be exhausting. With the busyness of school starting, I try to keep my weekly dinner menu plans as quick and simple as possible....

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Schoolroom Spring Cleaning

To avoid the inevitable disarray getting so disorganized that it becomes a chaotic snowball, regular “spring cleaning” is a necessity. Organizing our school stuff is a vital part of homeschool planning. If I’m scrambling to find things, I’m not at my best, and our school time suffers. I’ve learned that...

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