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Using Your College Planner

Good time management is vital during the college years. Designed to meet the specific needs of college students, the College Planner is small enough to slide into your bag, yet comprehensive enough to help you balance all of the various aspects of college life....

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Using Well Planned Day

The easiest way to teach time management is to model it. And the easiest way to model it is by using solid resources! Well Planned Day is designed by a homeschool mom for homeschool moms to help you manage school, life, and home well—and teach your children to do the...

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A Scheduled Summer

I try hard to balance training children into young adults and allowing them to enjoy their childhood. Kids today grow up too fast, and if there's one thing I’m learning to appreciate in this season of life, it’s the cuddling up in a hammock and talking of nothing much....

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