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Teaching Kids How to Handle Money

Here’s a Great Guide to Start Teaching Your Kids How to Handle Money!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Of course, you first need to know where to start. For instance, we all know the importance of starting young when it comes to teaching kids how to handle money. But how can you do that? Well, it’s easier than ever with, Start Young Road Map: A Guide for Training Financially Responsible Kids, a free digital resource from the financial experts at Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU).

The beauty of this downloadable guide is that it’s not bulky or overloaded with lists, charts and graphs. Instead, it’s a concise, visually interesting plan that will give you two helpful tools:
– practical milestones for each age group
– tips for creative financial learning activities as your kids grow.

By teaching your kids about money when they’re young, you can lay the foundation for learning that will continue throughout their formative years.

“When we lay groundwork throughout their growing up, it’s easy to help students learn to earn, budget, manage saving and spending accounts, evaluate the financial aid they need to pursue for college, and much more. No crash course necessary!” -Start Young Road Map

What does this groundwork look like at each stage?

Here’s a glimpse of the guidance you’ll find in this dynamic ebook:

Early Start (ages 0-7): “When children are very young, you can work money concepts into your child’s imaginary games, like playing pretend store or restaurant.”

Jump Start (ages 8-12): “This stage is all about doing it together! As you take the next step in teaching money management, allow your child to interact and engage right alongside you.”

Flying Start (ages 13-17): “At this stage, your children are ready for independence, and often think they know more than they actually do. It’s a great opportunity to engage them with meaningful discussions.”

When your kids start young learning about money management, they’re better equipped to finish strong by carrying these disciplines into their adult lives. That’s why you are encouraged to take advantage of this free resource now, to help build healthy saving and spending habits in your household.

Along with exploring this insightful guide, you and your kids can put these financial concepts into practical use with Start Young Saving and Spending Accounts from ECCU—accounts that grow with them, wherever they go.

With Start Young Accounts:
● There are no maintenance fees or minimum balances.
● Plus, you get parental controls to monitor your kids’ account activity and limit their spending.

Best of all, they help you and your children work together, discovering the rewards of saving and spending responsibly–all while using practical money skills based on biblical values.

So, take a step toward raising money-wise kids. Get your copy of Start Young Road Map: A Guide for Training Financially Responsible Kids, because it’s never too early to understand money.

Since 1964, ECCU has provided excellent banking products and services to members located all over the world. But that’s what you might expect from any credit union. It’s what’s going on behind the scenes that really sets us apart. Click here to learn more about how ECCU helps you Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.

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