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Tips for Choosing a College

Are You Ready to Starting Looking for a Good College Fit?

Every college that you consider should have a satisfying and enriching campus community and practical and useful resources for you and your career, alongside quality academics and programs. If a school is lacking even one of these, you’ll be missing out. This is one of the largest investments of your life, and you must access the highest quality in studies, campus, and community life. Look for a college that offers valuable avenues for your future, such as career counseling and opportunities to study abroad.

Here are a few more tips:


Are you undecided on what to study? Maybe you simply need confirmation in your choice. It’s not that uncommon. In fact, an estimated 20-50 percent of entering freshman haven’t yet settled on their major. So, decide on a college that provides different options to pursue. Also very important are professors who are truly engaged with their students in a tight-knit class, as opposed to teachers’ assistants taking over in a sea of faces. With a smaller class setting and a very student-focused faculty, you’ll receive more attention from your teachers and will experience more in your preferred field of study.


In today’s world, it’s more important than ever that students of faith choose a supportive environment. At a Christ-centered college or university, your beliefs will be nurtured and strengthened. In a hectic public college atmosphere, it can be difficult to connect with other believers, so look for learning experiences and services that foster faith, integrative learning, virtue, and the discernment of life calling. Life Calling and Integrative Learning enables students to find a higher purpose in their life that equips them to make faith-based decisions and to become Godly leaders.


Sure, the college you choose may be empowering, fun and educational – but then what? After graduation, how difficult will it be to get a job in your chosen field? Be sure to ask this very important question to the admissions team of any school you’re considering. Have them tell you about student success stories. Inquire about stats and percentages. How have graduates been impacted by the college? What are their lives like now? What is their situation like with any outstanding student loan debt instead of financial aid? If you need answers, the admissions team has them!

It’s an absolute must to visit each college you’re interested in. Don’t be intimidated if it seems out of your price range – most of the time, financial aid can reduce the price. Visit every school you’re considering and begin a dialogue with the admissions team. Remember, you’re not committing, you’re simply having a conversation. Keep in mind that admissions offices will often arrange for a “test drive”, which usually means an overnight stay, meetings with professors and the opportunity to sit in on classes that may interest you. Discern your next steps and seek direction through prayer. Ask others who have gone to the schools you’re interested in about their experiences with academics, faculty, the campus, and community life.

The IWU Advantage

When you find a good college fit, you’ll not only find a school that values community and nourishment of their students, you’ll also find a place where you feel at home.

At Indiana Wesleyan University, we understand the value of home education. Our experience has shown homeschooled students to be well-rounded individuals with a solid foundation and mind for learning. Homeschooled students contribute unique perspectives and experiences to our student body, and we welcome them. In fact, each year between five and six percent of our incoming freshmen come to us from homeschooling.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your college search with a visit to IWU and see how our community can help you take the next step toward your future!

Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to intellectual pursuit in a decidedly Christian environment. Here, at one of Indiana’s finest college campuses, as ranked by, you will be able to choose from more than 80 professionally-oriented majors.

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