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Top Tips For Saving on Family Health Care Costs

Homeschooling your children can help save money on things like school supplies, private education and daycare. Yet kids will be kids, no matter how hard you try to protect them, and they will get sick, fall down or end up in the emergency room because of some clammily. It’s the inevitable fact of childhood – and it is expensive.

Even with health insurance, medical costs are taking a larger chunk out of family’s budget. Today millions of Americans have a high deductible health plan, meaning they have to pay thousands for doctor visits, prescription drugs, urgent care, X-rays and more. But there is a way to curb costs and keep your family healthy.

Take the Ouch Out of Unexpected Medical Expenses

Many Americans are turning to new solutions that pay cash reimbursement for medical costs and offer affordable health care options to help consumers save money – all for a low monthly membership fee. By managing potential medical expenses in payments, families are able to even out their cash flow and avoid large costly withdrawals from their savings accounts. This allows individuals to access discount medical savings for everyday health care expenses or maximize their savings potential with benefits that include insurance to supplement existing individual health insurance coverage.

Go Virtual With Your Doctor

The average child visits a doctor or urgent care center 3.5 times a year; adults three times a year. An average office visit is over $80; urgent care is $140. But using telemedicine services to see a physician over the phone or through video chat are typically half the cost or free..

Supplement Your Bank Account

Many children suffer bruises and breaks before they are 18 years old. A broken wrist can cost up to $6,000 after an emergency room visit, doctor’s fee, X-ray and setting the fracture. If your family deductible is high, the entire cost of a fractured wrist could be your responsibility.

One way to stay ahead of the financial debt curve is to optimize your health care resources and invest in supplemental insurance. Supplemental insurance offers accident and critical illness protection that can help pay cash for medical bills not covered by your health insurance deductible.

Meet The Hendersons

Here is a real-life example of how Carrie and Bob Henderson, who have three children, can save money on their health care costs:

  • Bob needs an MRI on his knee that is bothering him. The cost of the MRI is more than $1,700, and is not covered by the family insurance plan.
  • Carrie falls down the stairs at home and believes she has injured her hand. A hand X-ray is $175, and not covered by insurance.
  • Each of the kids get sick and require a doctor visit three times a year. That equals nine doctor visits a year for the children for a total of $800.

In a typical year this family uses $2,675 of health care, which they have to pay completely out-of-pocket because they haven’t reached their insurance medical deductible. By enrolling in a money-saving health care program, the Hendersons could get:

  1. All doctor consultations FREE (an $800 value)
  2. Reduced cost for MRI: $416
  3. Reduced cost for X-ray: $90

Total Health Care Savings: $2,169

Learn more about how can help your family save on health care costs with a money-saving membership plan. is the first of its kind health care program that helps Christian families reduce common medical expenses while having access to cash when an unexpected accident or illness strikes. The company’s offerings are a new category in health care and offer multiple low-cost membership tiers to choose from, with a no-risk 30-day free trial.

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