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Transitioning from Homeschool to College

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Making the transition from homeschool to college can be a daunting task. Recently three homeschooled students shared why they chose to attend The King’s University (TKU) in Southlake, TX.

“I never actually tasted public school,” Biblical studies student Yoshi Flores said with a smile. “I came to TKU because I heard God clearly say, ‘I want you to be my disciple.’”

Yoshi had been attending a community college but felt directed to transfer to TKU when she heard a sermon from TKU President John Spurling.

“He was talking about how the vision for TKU was to disciple the next generation,” she recalled.

“From that point forward, the door (to come to TKU) was open and God’s grace was on it to move forward.”

“The first moment I heard (about TKU), I knew it was the school I was supposed to go to,” Worship Leadership student Neeli Wilson exclaimed. “I wanted (a school) that was accredited because I wanted to further my education, but I also knew I wanted to focus on ministry.”

Freshman Clayton Storaska was drawn to TKU after he participated on a summer mission trip.

“I had a yearning to learn more about God,” he explained. “When I was looking (online) at TKU’s classes, I thought ‘Wow, This is a place I could be at!’ So I signed up.”

Each of the students agrees that their relationships with professors and other students make TKU a special place.

“The stereotype isn’t always true that homeschoolers are anti-social, but this is an easy atmosphere to come into. It’s such a friendly, accepting environment,” Clayton said.

“The professors are relatable,” Yoshi exclaimed. “They actually have time to talk to you. I took a class called Biblical Hermeneutics,” she continued. “I had been struggling with an area where I needed to forgive someone for hurting me deeply. The professor stopped the class and said, ‘This morning I have something very strong on my heart to share that I feel the Holy Spirit has spoken to me.’ In the middle of the lecture he stopped and allowed room for the Holy Spirit to come and minister to us. The word he spoke was, ‘God is not interested in you being right, but rightly related.’”

“That blew my perspective,” Yoshi exclaimed. Even though I had been right in my particular situation, the Lord was not concerned about me being right, but he was concerned about that relationship being restored. That was just a glimpse of that class.”

“One of the things I love about TKU is that all of the staff really love the students” Neeli agreed.

“These teachers are doing what they love to do.” Shawn Brann, Dean of Student Life at TKU, says that relationships are deliberately a key component that makes TKU unique.

“Our goal is for students to fall more in love with Jesus and make relationships that will last a lifetime,” he said. “I think the best thing we have going for us is we’re still relatively small. It could be intimidating to go to a large mega-university with 50,000. We’re very intentional in the way we’re building student life. For a homeschooled student I think that would really stand out—knowing they’re not just a number, but they have a name and they actually have a voice in the school.”

School clubs are one of the ways Shawn sees students forming relationships and having a voice in the school. Last year the student-led clubs ranged from intramural sports to songwriting.

“We want the students to take ownership of their school,” Brann said. “At a large university, that can’t happen as easily.”

This atmosphere of close relationships creates good soil for academic excellence and ministry training that transforms lives.

“(TKU) is a good place to develop ‘iron sharpening iron’ friendships, but at the same time you’re getting a really great education,” Neeli said. “I’ve grown up in a Christian home, but when I started taking classes at TKU I was able to discover a more in-depth way of studying the Bible.

There’s so much more to learn.”

“This is a place to dive deeper into God, really find what your life’s calling is, and be around people who want to do the same,” Clayton said.

“It’s an incredible place to be,” Yoshi exclaimed. I’m so grateful that God called me to The King’s University. I’m so grateful that I’ve listened to that calling and followed through in obedience because my life has been forever changed. It really has.”

The King’s University (TKU) is an accredited, Spirit-empowered, evangelical university based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with branch campuses and teaching sites in 10 U.S. cities and two overseas locations. TKU offers students a unique learning experience, which combines accredited higher education with practical ministry experience within dynamic local churches. Named one of the 50 Most Affordable Small Private Colleges in the U.S., TKU provides a full range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs in the areas of theology, worship, biblical counseling, Christian ministry and more. TKU offers students the flexibility of daytime or evening classes, as well as online study. Learn more at

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